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Security Camera Surveillance News

Do-It-Yourself Surveillance Systems

Everything you need to know about a Do-It-Yourself Surveillance System for your home.

Do-It-Yourself IP Security Cameras

How IP Cameras can make an affordable Home Security System

Do-It-Yourself Surveillance System Expectations

Everything you can expect from a Do-It-Yourself Surveillance System for your home.

Security Cameras for Your Home

Affordable Security Camera Solutions for you Residnece.

Remote Checkup For Your GeoVision DVR

Remote preventative maintenance scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly, or semi annually to make certain your DVR is protecting you.

Car Dealership Security Cameras

Information and commentary about the benefits of Security Camera Systems at car dealerships.

Driveway Security Cameras

Tips and commentary on the use of Security Camera Systems in use at private residences for Driveway Surveillance.

Corporate Event Surveillance Systems

Security Camera Systems are a perfect for for Convention and Trade Show Venues. Also available are Security Camera Rentals for show attendees.

Connecting Audio Interface Adapters to Microphones

In this video installment Woodio shows us how a microphone connects to an audio interface adapter so you can record audio along with your video.

How to install a PTZ camera

In this Video, the 9th in the Geovision Configuration Series, explains that installing a PTZ camera can be a breeze if you just follow these simple steps shown in the video.

Gas Station Security Cameras

Tips and Information on Security Camera Systems for Gas Stations. One key point worth noting is that if you gas station has an existing CCTV system it can be easily upgraded by using the existing wires and cameras along with a new PC based GeoVision DVR
How to Upgrade your GeoVison Software

Looking to get the latest GoeVision DVR software for your security system? Then check out this page of links and instructions on how to get started on your DVR software upgrade.
Weather Proof  IR135 Infrared Camera Demo

Infrared (IR) cameras are an example of product that is often asked about but little understood. This video demo should give you a much better understanding of the product line and a good feel for the features of this excellent camera.
How to make your own CCTV Cable

Since every video surveillance system needs cameras, and the vast majority of cameras on the market today are still hard wired, the next step in your project might be just that. Wiring the cameras to your DVR.
Employee Theft Preventions - Are they Stealing from the Till

It is estimated that 20% of every dollar that the average business earns is lost due to employee theft.  If you are an average business owner you need to ensure you have adequate camera security systems to prevent employee theft.

Security Camera and DVR Upgrade for HotelsSecurity Cameras for Hotels and the Hospitality Industry

As most hotels have at least some level of security camera system this article points out the ease and the benefits of upgrading to a Geovison DVR. With internet access, complete notification options, and support for external interfaces such as card swipes and door sensors a GeoVision security camera system can be a good choice for any hotel.
Opening Firewall Ports For Geovision Camera - Part 6 A Security Camera Video Demo

This video, the 6th in the GeoVision Configuration Series, explains how to open your Firewall ports on your router so that you can view your camera server through the web.
CCTV - Learning Center

Learn how to set-up a CCTV Camera using our CCTV - Learning Center page. The CCTV Learning Center page has How-To-Videos on how to set-up a CCTV camera.
Parking Lot Security Cameras Paking Lot Camera Systems

Parking Lot Security is a concern for every employee and employer. With a security camera system watching your parking lot you can help keep the lot safe and provide rock solid evidence of those little fender benders that often go un-reported. This video of a parking lot accident shows a woman backing full speed into an SUV parked right behind her. The AgCam

The AgCam was designed and developed by an American farmer, for American farmers and ranchers. They are built to withstand the most harsh of environments while producing excellent results.
Middletown, Ohio Security Cameras

This month we have focused on improving our pages on Ohio. The latest update includes a newly added city page for Middletown, Ohio. Camera Security Now Headquarters is actually in Middletown, Ohio. Make sure to give the page a look over if you live in Ohio's Southern Region or if you would like to gain a little more knowledge of where our company is located.
Dallas, Texas Security Cameras

In light of increased demand for CCTV equipment in Dallas we have dedicated this month to improving our web pages for Dallas and the surrounding area. We hope you can give them a look and learn more about how can help with your next Dallas Security Camera project.
Wireless Transmission System With PTZ and Audio

Industrial outdoor wireless camera transmission system with full Pan Tilt Zoom and Audi support. Perfect for large outdoor installations where hard wires are impractical and security is critical.
Picking the Right Dummy Cameras

Dummy Security Cameras can be very helpful, but not if you choose the wrong ones. Find out what to look for when choosing your dummy cameras and what kind of fake camera features to avoid.
Miami Security Cameras

Miami CCTV Security Systems from Camera Security Now are being installed locally thanks to yet another great Miami Tech Army Member. Popular Miami security camera applications include condominium security, warehouse, retail, and office space security camera systems.
Using Dummy Security Cameras

Dummy Security Cameras can be a great way to stretch the security budget. When placed in systems with operational security cameras dummy cameras can help deliver the impression that an area is under total surveillance. This in itself can lead to a reduction in loss or other undesirable activities.
Vero Beach Security Cameras Locally Installed

Security Cameras now locally installed in Vero Beach Florida through a new member. Camera Security Now is proud to welcome Stealth Security Solutions of Port Saint Lucie to provide onsite security consultations and installation of our GeoVision DVR systems through out the entire Sebastian-Vero Beach Metropolitan Area.
Chicago Mayor Wants to Require Security CamerasCCTV C-Mount Security Camera

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley wants to require all bars open until 4 am to have security cameras on the premise. Also Chicago uses some impressive new technology to reduce violent crime on their streets.
CCTV Surveillance Cameras for Correctional Institutions

The United States of America is second only to China in the number of people we have locked up in our jails and prisons, and the costs of maintaining and operating these facilities rises every year. Learn how a CCTV Surveillance Camera System can help to win the everlasting battle against the budget.
GeoVision Access Control Systems and Software

GeoVision offers a variety of access control systems to help keep businesses more secure. GV-ASServer, GV-ASClient, and GV-ASWeb give store owners and managers more flexibility and better control over what comes in and out of their stores.
GeoVision V8.12 - Now Vista Compatible

GeoVision, in its latest version V8.12, is now supporting Windows Vista and mobile surveillance viewing. There is new mobility, scalability, and operability upgrades with the V8.12 system. So now users can enjoy all of the Vista features and their GeoVision video surveillance security.
GeoVision November 2007 Newsletter

Several new features are in the works for GeoVision in the upcoming months. These include: Electronic Article Surveillance Integration (EAS) and improved IP security camera surveillance.

The EAS plan includes features such as item recognition within a video clip and live camera viewing  based on EAS alerts.

For IP camera security the newsletter contains several case studies showing how the GV-Video Server can make the move to IP security both pain free and cost effective.

Setting up a GeoVision Motion Mask - A Security Camera Video Demo

This video, the 5th in the GeoVision Configuration Series, explains how to use a motion mask for your CCTV cameras. A motion mask is a software tool that can help provide better video information and save disk space. 

Using a motion mask is quick and easy. After watching this video you will will a much better understanding of how a motion mask can improve the value from your camera system.

Using the GeoVision Backup Utility - Part 4 - A Security Camera Video Demo

How to back up GeoVision video files to a CDBacking up saved GeoVision video clips to a disk is a necessary skill to learn. This do it yourself video by Bryan Wood makes that task all the easier by showing you step by step how that backup is actually done. A must watch video for anyone with a GeoVision DVR.

GeoVision DNS Setup - A Do It Yourself Video

The third in a series of GeoVision DVR setup videos from Bryan Wood of Camera Security Now. This video deals exclusively with how to set up a GeoVision DVR system for remote web access though the GeoVision DNS service. Once enabled you can then from a web page, type in your domain name, log in and watch your video online. The DNS setup deals with how that domain name is created and mapped to your specific DVR unit.

For help with CCTV  terms see our CCTV Terms and Definitions page.
Houston CCTV Camera Systems Now With Local Installation

Houston CCTV Local InstillationCamera Security Now is proud to announce that we are now providing local installation of CCTV Security Camera systems in Houston and surrounding areas. With Houston's growing economy and need for security, we are happy to say that Camera Security Now can now meet the need with a qualified local Houston security consultant and CCTV installer.

Though an expanded partnership with our Tech-Army affiliates Houston customers can now enjoy the cost savings of Camera Security Now's online CCTV hardware and get the local touch from a trusted security professional.

To get started on your Houston CCTV project see the below quote request or call today at 800-440-1662

Houston Texas CCTV - DVR Information Request

CCTV Cameras and Crime in the United Kingdom - Editorial by Andy Wendt

CCTV and Crime in the U.K.Recent reports from London show no correlation in crime solving between areas of town that are highly saturated with government run CCTV Security Systems and those areas of town with few CCTV security cameras. However the author of this editorial is not surprised and offers a reasonable explanation that is more related to politics than technology.
Tech Army Vendor Chosen for Local Detroit Security Camera Installs
Tech Army Vendor Chosen for Local Grand Rapids Security Camera Installs

Detroit CCTV Security CamerasThe, Camera Security Now, and Secure One LLC, last week announced an agreement that allows them to provide local CCTV service to two important Michigan Security Camera markets.

According to Jason Hobbs of Secure One LLC, his firm will now be the preferred vendor for all Camera Security Now customers in southern Michigan.

Bill Schiering of Camera Security Now said: "With the track record we have had with Secure One and their background with GeoVision and the Michigan Department of Corrections this was an easy choice for the Detroit and Grand Rapids area".

GeoVision Configuration Demo - Setting the File Storage Location

GeoVision Server Setup Video - File LocationAnother GeoVision "Do It Yourself" style video has been competed by Brian Wood. This time the subject is how to tell the GeoVision software where to store your video files.

If you are setting up your own GeoVision server it never hurts to watch some one else run through the setup so check out the video.

Don't forget to tell us what you think about the GeoVision Configuration Video on our Security Camera Blog

San Jose California Security Cameras Installed Locally

The an Camera Security Now announced today a San Jose Security firm had been selected as their exclusive installer of San Jose CCTV Systems and the Santa Clara County area.

A Surveillance Camera Company with offices at 894 Calle De Verde, San Jose has had over 20 years in the local CCTV and Security Business.

Rudy Fierro, owner of the firm, said: "We are glad to have this chance to partner with a firm we have enjoyed working with for such a long time and I am certain this new cooperation will benefit all involved"

Construction Site Security Camera Demo Using IP Camera

Thanks to a grateful customer who provided this video we were able to put together a video demo of exactly what a typical StarDot IP camera might see if placed at a construction site. This particular customer was using the camera to place a live image on their website so as such they were only capturing a frame ever few seconds. On the link above you will see that they took those images and simply merged them into one file so that in less than a minute you can see the entire days construction activity.

Pizzerias, Eateries, and Traditional Restaurants - How CCTV Camera Security Systems Save Your Business Money

Pizza and Restaurant Security CamerasToday Security Cameras are becoming more and more popular among pizzerias, eateries, and restaurants.  They literally pay for themselves when applied correctly.  CCTV Security Systems can monitor employees, prevent theft and vandalism, and increase the productivity and security of your business.

Spotlights - Lighting - And How To Best Deploy A CCTV Security Camera System

Deciding how best to light a space for you CCTV Security Camera System is no easy task. It's also not something for which there is a cut and dry answer. However it is possible to do a bit of research and save yourself some time and money on the project.

CCTV Spot Lighting - Story Continued.
Infrared Security Camera Video Demonstration.


Infrared Security Camera Quote Request – Please List Environment In Which Camera Will Be Installed
How to build a Geovision DVR. A step by step video demo.


Read more on How to build a Geovision DVR

This video explains a few benefits of using a Professional or Standard Body CCTV security camera for your surveillance needs. Good for CCTV installers and business owners wanting more information before selecting a security camera system.

Professional Security Cameras - Story Continued

See Our Recommended Professional Security Cameras
IR Cams - A Buyers Guide

IR Cams can be a good solution for many low light areas. But knowing which areas are best suited for an IR Cam is the sixty four dollar question.With a basic understanding of IR Cam technology that question becomes a lot easier to answer.

IR Cameras - Story Continued

Note: “IR Cam” is an abbreviation for Infrared Security Camera

Los Angeles CCTV Camera Security Systems Now with Local Installation!

Los Angeles CCTV Camera Systems are now being Installed Locally through Camera Security Now and their Los Angeles CCTV installers.

Camera Security Now has been a leader in internet based CCTV sales and service since 1988 and we continue to offer our unmatched level of service and pricing from our centrally located sales staff but now we have added the local touch for the Los Angeles area.

Los Angeles CCTV Camera Story Continues
Camera Systems in the Manufacturing Industry - Video Samples

CCTV and the Manufacturing Industry have had a long relationship. As technology has turned CCTV Camera Systems into network accessible management tools that relationship has grown stronger.

Currently CCTV Camera Systems are being used to monitor plant safety, security, to improve the efficiency of assembly lines, warehousing, and every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Facility Camera Quote Requestst

Comment on CCTV Manufacturing at our Blog

Manufacturing and Camera Systems With Video Samples Continues

For more information contact:
Toll Free Voice: 800-440-1662
Andy Wendt is a technology writer for CSN1 Technologies.
Myrtle Beach -
CCTV Camera Security Installer Recognized

posted by by andy Wendt 04/23/2007

The is proud to recognize Bob Selph owner of BGS Services from Myrtle Beach South Carolina as our Outstanding Service Provider for the month of April.

Bob's work while partnering with on installations of Geovision DVR's (CCTV Camera Security Systems) in the Myrtle Beach area has gone above and beyond the call of duty and has resulted in the highest level of service and satisfaction for our mutual customers.

We wish Bob and his company continued success and with our strongest recommendation we urge our callers and web visitors in the Myrtle Beach area to consider BGS Services for all your CCTV Camera Security, Point of Sale, and DVR Installation Needs!

Myrtle Beach CCTV - DVR Info Request

For more information contact:
Toll Free Voice: 800-440-1662
Andy Wendt is a technology writer for CSN1 Technologies.

Campus Video Surveillance In An Age Of Insanity

posted by by Andy Wendt 04/19/2007

In the days immediately following the April 16th tragedy at Virginia Tech we at received several calls from reporters and news organizations that all searched in vain for any statistics that related to campus violence and video surveillance. As of course one of the first details to emerge that day included the fact that Virginia Tech had no campus wide video surveillance system in place.

Although that fact is still some what of a shock in today’s world it was quickly pointed out by one of the campus officials that a surveillance system would have done nothing to prevent this tragedy. Unfortunately I have to say on that one point they are right.

Video Surveillance Systems can benefit a campus in a lot of ways.  They can deter crime, they can help provide evidence critical to the apprehension of suspects, they can provide invaluable live data to emergency response personnel at the moment of crisis but they can not deter or prevent the insanity that happened April 16th at Virginia Tech.

Campus Video Surveillance Story Continues

The Samsung Standalone DVR -

Where Do Standalone Units Belong?

posted by by andy Wendt 04/11/2007

Samsung Standalone DVR units like the SHR-2042 have been in our inventory for well over a year and in that time we have learned a lot about their place in the complicated world of  CCTV Camera Security. 

After much discussion with customers, vendors and our Samsung Rep we now have a very good understanding of how the Samsung Standalone DVR units fit into our product mix and how they can be of benefit to our customer base.

Coming from a PC/IT background there was a time when not a one of us had given a second thought to a DVR solution that was not PC based. But perhaps the most important thing we have learned in the last year is that not everyone thinks like we do. There are plenty of very intelligent people out there that have made a success of their business with out turning into a PDA dependant techno junkie. These people however unlike us still have a need for security. Many of them simply want a dependable and basic solution.

If that describes you then a Samsung Standalone DVR is worth your consideration. Samsung DVR’s are well respected as an upper tier product and have a two year warranty from Samsung with a 120 day advance replacement plan.

The Samsung Standalone DVR Story Continues

Request more information on a Samsung Standalone DVR,

Andy Wendt
Network and Security Consultant
Helping Businesses Manage Technology
Toll Free: 800-440-1662 x226
Geovision DVR Improves Sales at Car Lot:

After 18 years with the CameraSecurityNow I have talked to more customer than I can remember and I was starting to think I had heard it all. Yesterday however I was pleasantly surprised to learn yet another common sense use for our Geovision Camera Security Systems.

The caller was from an Auto Dealership in Denver and like most he told me they wanted cameras to watch the lot for potential trouble at night.

However this individual had already thought this through and realized that if the lot was covered with cameras then during the workday the salesman could log on to the system from their desks and watch the lot in live time. This of course would ensure that each visitor was greeted by a salesman and ultimately increase the revenue for all involved.

Apparently the current scheme boiled down to the salesmen having to hang out as long as they could by the main floor window and simply try to watch the lot for potential customers. I have to agree that being able to watch the lot in all directions from their desk should make for a lot more effective sales force.

More information on how a Geovision Camera Security System could help you  or contact:

Andy Wendt
Network and Security Consultant
Helping Businesses Manage Technology
Toll Free: 800-440-1662 x226
Fax: 513-422-9996

Video Database of Crime

The International Association of Chiefs of Police has begun an ambitious project to compile a nationwide video database of crime. Four cities have been chosen to begin the collection of data: Fort Worth Texas, Everett Washington, Raynham Massachusetts and Cincinnati Ohio.

The database will collect clips of actual crimes in progress and will be used by law enforcement to visually identify suspects, methods of operation, weapons, etc. across multiple times and locations. The actual data will come from both public and private sources including traditional CCTV camera systems, hand held camcorders and even cell phones.

Some day a detective may be able to sit at a computer and search for bank robberies committed any where in the country by a male with a read ball cap or a certain weapon type. Access to this information of course could easily help connect the dots that would in the past take endless man hours of interviews and detective work.

At present there are fewer than 700 recognized forensic video analysts in the country but the International Association of Chiefs of Police and this program hope to change that as the amount of video evidence used in law enforcement continues to grow.

posted by by Andy Wendt 03/20/2007

My Preferred Cameras: From an Old Industry Pro

A Collection of Forum Posts From Bill Schiering

posted by by Andy Wendt 03/01/2007

See Bill's Preferred Cameras

Check with Bill and See What's Hot

Bill Schiering
Networking and Security Sales
CSN1 Technologies
800-440-1662 Ext. 225

Denver CO. -

Outstanding CCTV Camera Security Systems Installer

posted by by Andy Wendt 02/07/2007

The Tech Army is proud to recognize Eric Siebert with Streamline Communications from Denver CO. as our Outstanding Service Provider for the month of February.


Eric’s work while partnering with Camera Security Now for his installations of GeoVision DVR's (CCTV Camera Security Systems) has gone above and beyond the call of duty and has resulted in the highest level of service and satisfaction for our mutual customers.


We wish Eric and his company continued success and with our strongest recommendation urge our callers and web visitors in the Denver Co. area to consider Streamline Communications for all your CCTV Camera Security, Low Voltage Structured Wiring and Cabling Installation Needs!

Denver CCTV - DVR Quote Request

The Economy Of Security - Observations From Middle America

posted by by Andy Wendt 01/22/2007

It has been said that everything has its price but does this truly apply to security systems?

To be fair and balanced we should of course remember that every corporation or government entity is ultimately run by imperfect human beings that must make decisions based on real world financial limitations.

With that in mind, below are some observations from my small town:

This morning I heard on the local news that an elderly pedestrian was hit and killed just four blocks from my home by a police car over the weekend. The police car did not have an in car camera installed. The accident happened in a city where revenue generating Red Light cameras have been installed for years. Several eye witnesses have already disputed the officer’s claim that he had his lights and siren on as he traveled at high speed down the road in response to a call from assistance from a fellow officer.  Unfortunately the lack of an in car camera will undoubtedly lead to countless allegations and denials in the wake of this life shattering and life ending tragedy.

Request A Quote

The Economy of Security

Infrared IlluminatorLow

Light or Infrared Cameras

How do I decide?

posted by Andy Wendt 11/24/2006

The question of how best to cover a low light area with an affordable video security solution is a pretty common one. However with a basic understanding of the technologies involved it is a question that anyone could answer for themselves.

 One of the first things to keep in mind about the two technologies is that of course each has its place.

 The place for Infrared:

(I.R.) is a good fit for areas with virtually no light that only need coverage in a limited or confined area. I often make the analogy that using an I.R. camera is like walking around into the pitch dark with a flashlight: The smaller the flashlight the smaller the visible area. It’s this simple concept that makes I.R a good fit for a limited area as it allows for respectable coverage without a big “I.R. flashlight”

Tech-Army PXSee full Infrared CCTV Camera story here.
Request A Quote on a Infrared Camera Installation
See Products :
Infrared IR CCTV Security Camera from $198

The Tech Army PX is where Engineers, Technicians and Installers BUY their security camera hardware.

Construction Site Security Camera:
Materials Theft Prevention

posted by by Andy Wendt 10/04/2006

Construction Theft is estimated at roughly $1 billion annually.*

As the value of raw materials increases it is reasonable to expect that if left unaddressed that construction site theft will also continue to increase.

The loss of materials and equipment from the construction site can lead to delays, down time, increased insurance rates, and damaged company reputations.

Camera Security Now offers a way to act in a pre-emptive manner to protect your assets.

Request A Construction Site Quote

Construction Site Camera Security

CCTV Security Cameras are Camera Solution: Professional Camera with 4-8mm VFnot all the same
Looking for cameras for your DVR or VCR Surveillance system?
CCTV C-Mount Camera
Actual Photo taken with Professional C-Mount Security Camera with GeoVision DVR GV600-4

CCTV security cameras come in many different styles and prices. Prices start at less than $75 and go up to over $10,000.

However, most decent surveillance cameras are in the $100 to $350 price range.

The first step in a digital video surveillance system is choosing the right CCTV security camera.
See: Real surveillance movie samples from our security cameras

TrespasserCCTV Technology Continues to Evolve

By John Beagle, Camera Security Now
Each camera had its own monitor. One camera, one monitor.

CCTV systems were introduced in the US and the UK during the 60s and 70s.

CCTV systems are over a thousand times more advanced than the basic camera and monitor configurations that first appeared in the 1960s. Systems from the 60s were basic, consisting of very low resolution black and white cameras connected by coaxial cable. Each camera was connected to a black and white monitor. A 16 camera configuration required 16 monitors.
CCTV Technology Continues to Evolve
Two-Way Audio Over Internet Connection

Watch, Hear and Respond Remotely

Someone has broke into your business and your GeoVision Security Camera system has notified you. Wouldn't it be great to tell the trespasser to go away! 

Read more about Two Way Audio Using Internet Connection

Security Cameras prevent robberies
Restaurant Video Spy in the Sky: Preventing Robberies

Warning to Restaurant Owners: Some employees will get caught stealing. There willbe terminations after a security camera system is put in place.

Robberies are less frequent when video cameras are in conspicuous places and proper signage is displayed on entry doors and walls.
Once a potential robber or thief sees that your place is under surveillance, they don't try anything. 

Prevent Robberies with a CCTV Security System.

Police VideoCamera Security Now Surveillance Video Central on National TV News Story

What started out as a local story featuring Camera Security Now video footage, has turned into a national TV news and internet news stories.

The headline story " Tased Grandma Heading to Court" was reported by the local newspaper. The video was caught digitally by a security camera system sold in 2002 by Camera Security Now, Franklin, Ohio. 

Read more about Grandma Tasing Caught on Tape.<

Geovision DVR Security Camera ServerDigital Video Recorder offers 500 GB to 1 TB storage with 480 FPS recording rate

November 21, 2005 - Available with 500 and 1000 GB HDD, the GeoVision CCTV DVR Video Camera Server Model GV-1480-16 features 16 inputs at 480 FPS (Frames Per Second) along with PTZ camera control for stand-alone or multi-location, multi-server applications. It integrates on-board networking capabilities and coax control up to 1,000 ft using dome camera operations. Other features include direct time/date and list search functions.  The GV-1480 DVR offers simultaneous live monitoring, recording, and playback capabilities in addition to electronic zoom and motion detection functions. New Geovision DVR Upgrade

CCTV Camera Girl
Get a good Face Shot!
CCTV Security Camera Information for Non-Technical People
Use Higher quality cameras at entry areas Doors, gates and other entry areas need a good quality, high resolution camera to record a good 'face shot.' The video from this camera should be considered a highly valuable since it can be used as evidence in identifying a person in a court of law.

Wide Angle Cameras for large surveillance areas.  Security Camera Tips for the Non-Technical

School Cameras In the News
Front Door and Visitor Registration Area Needs Better MonitoringCCTV School ChildrenFront Door of School

Many schools are not constantly monitoring the front door and the visitor registration desk. An automated security camera system can solve that problem immediately!

Danger Zone:Unregistered visitors can easily sneak past the registration window at some schools. Even if a person signs the registration form, often it is illegible. School Security Cameras

Fast Food Video - Preventing Employee Theft

Fact: Employee theft is less frequent when video cameras are in conspicuous places and proper signage is displayed on entry doors and walls. Once a potential robber or thief sees that your place is under surveillance, they don't try anything.

DVR - Digital Video Recording Computers are now widely found in fast food restaurants! They are easy to install, offer many features and could save your life. Prevent Employee Theft

Gold Star Chili

Fast Food Video - Protect your employees and your profits

DVR - Digital Video Recording Computers are now widely found in fast food restaurants! They are easy to install, offer many features and could save your life.

Fact: Robberies are less frequent when video cameras are in conspicuous places and proper signage is displayed on entry doors and walls. Once a potential robber or thief sees that your place is under surveillance, they don't try anything. .

Employees feel safer when an overt security camera surveillance system is in place where patrons can see the security cameras.  Protect Your Employees

Video Cash Register Transaction Data
Bar Surveillance Video
The bar is one of businesses most vulnerable areas of theft.

Bartender stealing is especially prevalent if you have a successful bar business with a popular bartender. You might not notice daily theft and skimming, such as free drinks to the bartender’s friends and stealing from the cash register. (Story Continued here about Bartender Theft.)

Photo: Transaction recorded on photo and video utilizing
POS Integration Feature

Fast Food Video Surveillance

 Food Video - Who's at your drive thru window?
DVR - Digital Video Recording Computers are now widely found in fast food restaurants! 

Did you ever wonder what is going on behind your restaurant when the drive-thru buzzer or bell is activated? ?  Fast Food Video

Bank Robery VideoSecurity Cameras Catch Criminals
GeoVision Cameras in Jail
Department of Justice on Cameras in Schools

Spy cameras keep eyes on schools
Cameras in Water Treatment Facilities