GeoVision V8.12 - Now Vista Compatible

In its latest version V8.12, GeoVision supports Windows Vista and mobile surveillance viewing. GeoVision's previous versions were not compatible with the newest Microsoft OS, Windows Vista.

As GeoVision paid close attention to the IT field and IT trends, they developed an up-to-date technique for their GeoVision products. There is new mobility, scalability, and operability upgrades with the V8.12 system. So now users can enjoy all of the Vista features and their GeoVision video surveillance security.

With the widespread use of mobile devices such as the iPhone, where you can browse the internet, make calls, view photos/videos, and listen to music all on your mobile device, the demand for other things mobile are increasing. So GeoVision is getting in on the action, and V8.12 has greater mobility. It is easier than ever to view live feeds from your GeoVision surveillance system.

You can view from 1 to 16 video feeds from anywhere on your handheld device as V8.12 has a new multi-screen feature. You can control PTZ cameras with your mobile device by simply using the directional pad. You can switch between cameras and view full screen video faster than ever before. No matter what time of the day, you can access and monitor your home or store in a flash.

For information on How you can view your GeoVisoin cameras on an iPhone see the information below:
If you would like to download our GV-iView 1.0 it is completely free!

GV-iView 1.0 Function:
1. Live Display 6 divisions on one screen
2. PTZ Control
3. I/O Output Trigger
4. Start/Stop Record
5. Snapshot
6. Remote Playback

Support Device (OS)
1. iPhone with iPhone OS 2.2 or later
2. iPod Touch with iPhone OS 2.2 or later

Please advise that we are working on  having a user manual to support this software. In the mean time, please invite your client to try this software out.

 Detailed Setup Instructions -

To allow remote access to your Geovision system from an iPhone enable these setting on your Geovision system first.

1. Click the Network button and select WebCam Server.
2. Click the JPG tab, and select Create JPEG/GIF file(s).
3. Click the Mobile tab and activate the settings of communication ports.
4. Click OK to start the WebCam server.
5. Please note that you need to setup port forwarding on your router for the following ports: 80, 8866, and 5511
6. Download the GV-iView application from itunes and install it on your iPhone. You can download by clicking on this link: download GV-iView app.
7. Click on the GV-iView application on your iPhone to launch.
8. On the login screen, enter the IP address of your Geovision system (or the IP address of your Internet connection at the location of your Geovision DVR if you are using port forwarding). Also enter the userid and password for your Geovision system.

* Click Done.
* Once you are connected, the 6 camera view screen will appear as seen below.

From the 6 camera view screen, click on any of the cameras to navigate to a single camera view for that camera. To the right of the camera, there is a menu system.

The functions of these buttons are described as below:


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