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Hotel Security Cameras

Upgrades and New Installs for Hotels Nationwide

posted by Andy Wendt

Hotel security cameras, though seldom written about perhaps because it is so obvious, or perhaps because the benefits are so easily understood, are a major part of our nationwide security camera business.

Anyone who has stayed in a hotel or motel in the last 15 years has surely noticed the security camera monitor behind the counter with the video of the property right there for the staff and the guests to see. This of course lets the guests, or any unwanted trouble makers, know that the facility is being monitored by security cameras.

If you are like me you may have noticed that many of the security camera systems you see behind that desk look very old. Perhaps the cameras are black and white, perhaps the monitor is a metal case that almost looks like a TV but not quite, or perhaps you have even noticed an old VHS tape recorder as part of a security camera system.

These older security camera systems are being replaced daily throughout the country. The modern equivalent of that old system is a Dell based GeoVision DVR. The acronym DVR stands for "Digital Video Recorder", and it is that component that can easily replace the old VHS unit at a hotel to instantly provided improved video quality and accessibility.

Upgrading to a modern DVR, such as those sold by, will provide a higher resolution on your recorded video as compared to an old VHS unit, even when using the same cameras. Using the same cameras makes upgrading that old VHS system in a hotel a snap. As a GeoVision DVR is a CCTV device any CCTV camera or input that can be converted to a BNC connector can be hooked up and recorded. This is a major cost savings feature as it eliminates the need to run new cable.

On the improved accessibility side since our GeoVision DVR's are Dell based computers systems running a Microsoft Windows Operating System they are easy to connect to any high speed internet. Once connected to the internet the DVR can provide a secure remote view of the security cameras in live time. This remote live view can be made available to the property owners, management, or other authorized accounts set up in the GeoVision software. The remote view itself is simply accessed through the Internet Explorer web browser, so as you can imagine where ever you can get on the internet you can watch your camera video for no charge. Also available for an extra fee is the option to have your cameras monitored in live time by an independent video monitoring service which acts just like any traditional alarm service. GeoVision Security Camera Systems For Hotels

Many hotels finally end up replacing their old VHS system to take advantage of the extra ports (camera connections) that a new GoeVision DVR can bring. Available in 4, 8, or 16 ports, a GeoVision DVR is both a smart upgrade to the old technology and a great way to give you additional connectors for even more cameras. For installations above 16 cameras multiple DVR's are used and simply joined to the internet to create one virtual system.

Speaking of security cameras in hotels, our most popular indoor camera for those who chose to add new or replace their old cameras is far and away the wide angle dome camera. These cameras are of course placed inside to watch the lobby, the hallways, and other common public areas. Outside the most popular camera for a hotel is the low light bullet camera. A bullet camera at a hotel makes a great choice both for the budget and the fact that they are weather proof. Additional due to their small size they are very discrete and will not detract from the ascetics of your property.

If you would like to learn more about our GeoVision security camera solutions for your hotel or hospitality related property visit our CCTV Learning Center or ask a question on our discussion forum entitled Ask a CCTV expert. Or see below for more contact options.

Geovision Features that you should consider for your Hotel CCTV System

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Used to detect human faces in the video and saved as thumbnail image index. It is easy to retrieve the video by checking and clicking the thumbnail image index. It is suggested to be installed near the entrance and exit.

The People Counting software is a powerful tool that many retail chains have begun to use to accurately keep track of peak hours in their store. The software counts people that pass through a predetermined area, and can count both people coming and people leaving. The DVR can also generate and export a report in multiple formats such as XLS, PDF, and CVS.

Single PTZ tracking is able to track a moving object using only one PTZ Camera. The camera is set to detect motion and when an object passes through it will automatically follow the movement of the object. When the object becomes out of view, the PTZ camera can return back to its designated position.

Scene Change Detection is a great feature that will let you know if someone is trying to tamper with your camera. If someone intentionally or accidentally changes the view or focus of your camera by moving it, or covering the lens, it will detect the change and send an alert to the user.