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Continuous Spotlighting for Security Lights
Not a Bright Idea for CCTV Security Cameras

posted by Andy Wendt

CCTV and FloodlightsEveryone knows that a well lit area is the cornerstone of a secure environment, such as at a construction site, school, Hotels, or or even a water treatment facility, but did you know that continuous spotlighting can make it easier for intruders to hide from your CCTV cameras?
Bright spotlights create dark areas on the fringe of their beams. These areas just outside the spot will create difficulty for your CCTV security cameras and give an intruder a chance to literally "hide in the shadows" in an area that would otherwise have them in clear sight.
Lower wattage outdoor security lighting, as often used in landscaping, can be a good alternative to overly bright and costly spotlighting. Not only will lighting of this type cut your energy bill it will also cut out the “blind spots” for your CCTV Surveillance System.
If spotlights are unavoidable just keep them on motion activation and count on either a quality Standard Body Day Night or Infrared CCTV Camera to pick up the action when the lights are off.
So even though it might seam like a good idea to use powerful spotlights to illuminate the exterior of your business or home a lower and more even light level is a better overall solution for both you and your CCTV Security cameras.

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