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Video Surveillance For Schools & Universities. Whatever Kind of System You Need, Our Consultants Can Get You The right System, Including Installation. Call your Security Constultant today at 877-422-1907.

Security Cameras For Schools & Universities

Pre-School, K-12, Community Colleges, Universities - Protect your students, teachers, administrators, & parents.

U.S. Schools Look For Better Security

Safeguarding schools is becoming increasingly important after the number of incidents in recent years. Statistics show that in the last 2 years over 30 incidents have been reported. As the nation marks the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, a strong growth for security equipment in the U.S. schools over the next several years is forecasted.

With only a staggering 61 percent of schools across the United States currently using surveillance cameras, according to a study by the U.S. Department of Education, the predicted growth certainly makes sense. With 90% of schools in the United Kingdom already having an average of 24 security cameras, according to Big Brother Watch, the question is left: why is the United States so behind?

The Right System For The Job

Because most modern security camera systems are utilizing IP cameras, these systems are becoming easier to put in place and more effective at catching perpetrators.

Benefits Of The Right System In The Right Place

Deterrent - Stopping an incident from ever occurring is actually one of the main effects that security systems have on students. You never know how many incidents have been prevented if they never happen. Strategically placed cameras can deter events from occurring even at the most remote places on campus.

Visitor Monitoring - School officials are increasingly concerned about who is entering and exiting the school building. With the ability to broadcast footage over the internet to a nearby desktop or mobile phone, officials can monitor anywhere in the school at any time.

Evidence - Not all incidents can be stopped, but with properly placed security cameras perpetrators can be dealt with, keeping one more criminal away from your school.

More On School Video Surveillance

SPY Cameras Keep Eye on Schools You can't sneak past cctv video surveillance cameras. Selected schools will be fitted with video surveillance cameras following a rash of computer thefts in the past two months.

Protect Students at School Events
Violence is being caught on more school surveillance cameras than ever before. From school dances to sports, cameras are catching the the bad guys and girls. Time after time, the violence caught on tape results in disciplinary action and often, expulsion from the school! *New - The Shepherd Wireless CCTV Transmission System is perfect for adding security cameras at remote out building or venues such as stadiums, basketball courts, tracks, or even park areas on school grounds.

Findings by the U.S. Department of Justice
...the best thing about cameras is the deterrence factor they introduce to outsiders who do not belong... Office of Justice Programs National Institute of Justice  read more

Police Monitor Schools Remotely with CCTV Digital Video Technology

Columbine proved that Video Surveillance is Necessary
Police are now able to view video on a hand held Pocket PC running Windows CE. Video can also be seen on a laptop in the cruiser. Now police can see what is going on in the school from the parking lot and police dispatch office at the same time. DVR security camera surveillance systems, like the one from GeoVision Technologies, you can view cameras from any internet connection, even wireless!

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