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Camera Security Now specializes in Los Angeles, California surveillance systems and installation, its one of our highest rated service locations in the country. With such large corporations and a dense population, Los Angeles is a popular city for security cameras. Security camera systems are the best way to deter and stop criminals, especially when you have signage posted alerting them to the presence of a security camera system. Our security systems are great for businesses, government facilities, schools and residential uses. They offer a wide variety of features to help protect your home and business.

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Los Angeles Crime Statistics

Los Angeles is home to 3,928,864 people and has a crime rate of 26.73 per 1,000 people. There is an average of around 19,575 violent crimes in the city per year along with an average of around 85,433 property crimes. That's 4.98 violent crimes per 1,000 and 21.75 property crimes per 1,000 people. These types of crimes can help be prevented by a security system in your Los Angeles home or business.

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Camera Security Now has security consultants available to help recommend a customized security system based on exactly what you need for your business or home. Call us at 800-440-1662 or fill out an express quote and we will contact you later with an estimated quote based on the information you have provided. Yes, it’s that easy!

Unlike our competition, all of our security camera systems are tested and preconfigured by our skilled technicians. This assures that there will be no issues when the system arrives at your location for the installation! We also offer free technical support with the purchase of camera system, handling any and all questions you may have about the features of the software/hardware.

Our Latest Los Angeles Security System
Our latest security camera system in Los Angeles was for an international charity organization who needed a surveillance system for their regional office in LA. The system included a 16 channel stand-alone DVR with 4 channel audio, 480 display FPS / 240 recording FPS, and a 500GB hard drive for video storage. The system allowed for remote viewing of up to 64 cameras including mobile viewing.