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  • We Only Sell The Best
    Why don't we have thousands of products in our Security Camera e-store when everyone else does? Answer: Because we know our products and we only sell the good stuff. (Continued...)
  • Bullet Vs. Dome Cameras
    When purchasing a video surveillance system, the two types of cameras that you will always consider are the bullet and dome cameras. (Continued...)
  • Building / Configuring a DVR System
    Building a Geovision DVR can be done in a lot of ways but for Camera Security Now there is only one way it will be done. (Continued...)
Whatever Kind of System You Need, Our Consultants Can Get You The right System, Including Installation. Get Our 4-Channel Package For $1000 Video Surveillance For Government. Get Our 8-Channel Package For $1800 Video Surveillance For Businesses. Get Our 16-Channel Package For $2300 Video Surveillance For Schools & Universities. Call your Security Constultant today at 800-440-1662.

Hybrid Camera Servers

Hybrid Camera Servers integrate analog CCTV and digital IP cameras video data into one 32 camera interface. One example is the  GV-Series Surveillance System V8.3. It is able to process video signals from IP cameras over TCP/IP network while utilizing existing CCTV cameras on RG59.

32 Channel Hybrid Camera Server

Painless Transition from CCTV to IP

The Hybred DVR helps a company transition from a legacy analog infrastructure towards a IP surveillance environment.
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3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)

Remote surveillance is implemented via 3GPP, IE browser and GeoVision GV-MultiView.
3GPP specifications are based on evolved Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) specifications. 3GPP standardization encompasses Radio, Core Network and Service architecture.

Cost Effective Centralization of Security Cameras

For the purpose of central monitoring, the GV-Hybrid DVR offers a cost effective solution for multi-site surveillance. The system allows control and management of numerous cameras from multiple locations.
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