Security Camera System Installation

Video Surveillance Systems & Custom Security Installs

With over 22,500 technicians nationwide, we can dispatch an experienced security camera technician to install your camera system. We provide technicians for:

  • - Installation
  • - Diagnosis & Repair
  • - Site Surveys
  • - Camera Mounting
  • - Cable Routing
  • - DVR Installation
  • - DVR Configuration for Remote Access

Contact us at 800-440-1662 to speak with a Security Consultant today!

Camera Security Now Site Surveys can be schedule for as little as $65.00 - If your survey results in a system purchase you will be re-imbursed the $65.00 Site Survey Fee. All Site Survey Fees must be paid in advance.

Get Free Tech Support With Any System Purchase!
When you get video surveillance systems from our security consultants, you also get tech support time built right in. When new systems are installed, often small logistical issues arise, which are easily remedied. So our security consultants are available for thirty minutes of free tech support to work out any problems. Any support that you might need beyond the free 30 minutes that comes with your purchase of our system, then the cost of tech support time is $99 per hour, which is billed in 15 minute increments.

For support on a GeoVision system purchased from a another vendor, you may purchase a block of time.
If you have purchased a video surveillance system from a vendor other than and wish to acquire technical support from us, you may purchase tech support time in blocks:

Deciding whether to purchase a block of time, or pay on the hour depends upon how much time you anticipate needing. If your problem is both urgent and complex, then it might be a good idea to purchase a block. If you know that your problem is fairly simple and can be fixed in under an hour, then simply purchasing an hour worth of support is the better choice.

You can contact a Security Consultant if you are unsure of how much tech support you need.