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    Camera Security Now is proud to offer new surveillance notification signs for your office, facility or residence. We have newly designed yard signs and double sided window decals. (Continued...)
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Video Surveillance Systems & Custom Security Solutions

Are you looking to purchase a security camera system?

Surveillance cameras come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. When trying to determine which camera is best for your situation, the following aspects should be considered:
  • Distance from the camera to the desired field of view, or the actual location the camera is viewing/recording.

  • Width of the field of view youíre looking for

  • Lighting changes that occur, or low/high lighting requirements

  • Whether you need color or black and white (B&W works well in low lighting)
Buyers need to consider all of these factors when determining which camera is right for them, because there is simply not a camera that works with every individual circumstance. It is important to evaluate each individual location when deciding to purchase a camera system.

Need help deciding upon a surveillance camera system? Donít hesitate to contact one of our security experts at (877)-422-1907.

Our Popular IP Camera

Our Popular Analog Camera

Digital IP Security Cameras

Unlike analog-based systems, IP systems specialize in megapixel resolution which results in higher quality images than its analog predecessor. Higher image resolution allows better images for capturing faces, licenses plates and other objects. In addition to offering higher quality images, IP cameras are network-based and therefore do not require cable to be ran from each camera back to the recording device.

Just like our analog systems, IP also gives the ability to view your cameras over the internet from any location, these systems are often best suited for large offices or warehouse environments, or even with home owners that want the highest quality megapixel image available.

Analog Security Cameras

In the world of CCTV (closed circuit television), analog systems have been around since the beginning, offering a wide range of the basic security options to meet almost any surveillance need a home or small business may have.

With our analog-based system, customers still have the ability to watch live video on all cameras at once, review recorded video and store for later viewing if necessary. Customers can even control a PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera, along with multiple other functions, all controlled wirelessly from anywhere with an internet connection. These systems are great for anyone looking for a cost-effective general surveillance of their home or business.