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    Why don't we have thousands of products in our Security Camera e-store when everyone else does? Answer: Because we know our products and we only sell the good stuff. (Continued...)
  • Bullet Vs. Dome Cameras
    When purchasing a video surveillance system, the two types of cameras that you will always consider are the bullet and dome cameras. (Continued...)
  • Building / Configuring a DVR System
    Building a Geovision DVR can be done in a lot of ways but for Camera Security Now there is only one way it will be done. (Continued...)
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NVR Camera Servers (Network Video Recorders)

NVR (Network Video Recorder) Camera Servers record and broadcast high quality Megapixel IP Camera video and audio data over standard computer TCP/IP networks. For large installations, the NVR should be on a dedicated network to reduce traffic to the user network.

Megapixel IP Cameras

The NVR Camera Server can utilize Megapixel IP Camera solutions. See detail not available on conventional security cameras with up to 4x higher resolution for greater video data collection. See image below.


32 channels of IP Camera are digitally transmitted, displayed and recorded

NVR Camera ServerWith remote monitoring features, video analytics*, integration with LPR (license plate recognition), POS (point of sale)/ATM and Access Control systems we sell and support one of the most comprehensive IP surveillance software in the security camera market.

RAID Video Storage System

Our high-performance RAID storage system is based on the latest iSCSI technology and provides a centralized network recording solution over TCP/IP by enabling the storage of multiple video and audio streams at the same time.

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Progressive Scan Video Quality

NVR takes advantage of a better image quality thanks to the progressive scan technology and allows advanced video features such as Picture-In-Picture and Picture-And-Picture.

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*NVR Video Analytics on GeoVision NVR

Single PTZ Tracking

Single PTZ Tracking can track a moving object using only one PTZ camera. When an object moves within the view of camera, the PTZ camera will follow its movement. When the object is out of view, the PTZ camera can be set to return its designated position.
Crowd Detection - option

Crowd detection is used to generate an alert when a crowd of people gathers in a specified area and exceeds the defined threshold.
Advanced Scene Change Detection - option

The advanced version of Scene Change Detection can be applied in the outdoor scenes with sudden light changes.
Panorama View - option

Used to create panoramic views of large areas of surveillance by joining or splicing multiple camera views, without sacrificing video frame rates.
Video Stabilization - option

Used to create crisp clear super steady images from unstable or shaky platform like transportation vehicles or on poles to avoid fuzziness.
Advanced Visual Quality Enhancer - option

Used to filter and enhance object visibility from foggy or blurred environment caused by bad weather such as rain, snow or fog.
Face Detection in Object Index

Used to detect human faces in the video and saved as thumbnail image index. It is easy to retrieve the video by checking and clicking the thumbnail image index. It is suggested to be installed near the entrance and exit.
Unattended object detection

Used to trace unattended object that appears in the defined detection perimeter; the unexpected object can be configured to generate alarm instantly to enhance security attention.
Missing object detection

Used to keep an eye on valuable objects. When the object is missing, alarm will be generated instantly to enhance security attention.
Visual Automation

Used to visually switch on or off devices remotely and intuitively by defining regions to digital relay outputs.
Scene Change Detection

Used to detect someone changing the view or focus of a camera intentionally or accidentally without notice.
Object Tracking and Zooming

Used to trace and zoom in moving objects that come into a surveillance area, so that the target can be identified.
People Counting

Used to count people or objects that pass through predetermined areas. This function is useful in retail market for marketing analysis.
QCounter - option

Used to gather people counting's data from single to multiple DVRs for further analysis based on daily/weekly/monthly/time range basis. Generate report and export to multiple formats such as XLS, PDF, CVS