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How to protect your point of sale systems with security cameras

posted by Andy Wendt

Cash Register Security System

Of all the thousands of quote request we receive from our website one request today really caught my eye. Not because it was something I have never heard of, but rather because it's something that happens all the time but seldom expressed so well.

The request I am talking about was of course for security cameras, and from the request I can't tell what type of business the client is operating. I do however know from experience the problem can affect business across the board. From grocery stores, gas stations, bars, restaurants, and anywhere cash is handled. You see the internet request for help that we received today simply said - "Help. I need a way to find out who is stealing from the till!"

And that problem, so seldom expressed so directly, is in and of itself justification for any business that handles to have a security camera system. With even a four camera system any establishment can watch up to four cash registers. If a business has only one or two registers then a four camera system would allow for several cameras to watch the doors or other critical areas.
One popular accessory for a security camera system is a point of sale (POS) data capture device. These are often called a "POS video overlay" device. This device is simply a little box that connects between the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and the receipt printer. Once installed anything that is rung up in the register has it's corresponding receipt information displayed and recorded right over top of video from the camera that is watching the register.

This inexpensive option allows a business owner to visually confirm that the goods going over the counter are indeed the products that the employee has been ringing up. With the right CCTV technology a business owner can exercise a tremendous level of control over their cash handling procedures.

Some business owners take things one step further and use a camera above the register with a zoom lens. This allows an owner to zoom down on the register and the till so that the field of view is so tight that they can actually see every button on the register that an employee pushes or the denominations of every bill taken in or out of the till.

If you don't think your employees are steeling from your company than just keep these two facts in mind: One third of US corporate bankruptcies are directly related to employee theft, and an estimated 20% of every dollar the average US company earns is lost to employee theft. With that in mind can you take the chance of not watching your till?.

To learn more on how to "find out who is stealing from the till" contact Camera Security Now today at 800-440-1662.

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Geovision Features that you should consider for your Bar CCTV System

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The People Counting software is a powerful tool that many retail chains have begun to use to accurately keep track of peak hours in their store. The software counts people that pass through a predetermined area, and can count both people coming and people leaving. The DVR can also generate and export a report in multiple formats such as XLS, PDF, and CVS.

Used to detect human faces in the video and saved as thumbnail image index. It is easy to retrieve the video by checking and clicking the thumbnail image index. It is suggested to be installed near the entrance and exit.

Single PTZ tracking is able to track a moving object using only one PTZ Camera. The camera is set to detect motion and when an object passes through it will automatically follow the movement of the object. When the object becomes out of view, the PTZ camera can return back to its designated position.

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