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Camera Security Now’s products and services are available in the Sonoma area! If you are looking for a high-quality security system that can also install your system, look no further. Camera Security Now has quality security systems and experienced surveillance experts to get the job done in Sonoma.

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Video Surveillance for Government Buildings in Sonoma, California

CCTV and IP security cameras are surveilling government buildings across Sonoma, California, and gives them the tools to monitor their local facilities, including: courthouses, water treatment plants, airports, police stations, parks, roadways and many others! Camera Security Now provides state-of-the-art camera security equipment to government agencies and buildings.

Video Surveillance for Business in Sonoma, California

It is important to protect your businesses assets, equipment, and employees, and one of the the best ways to do this is through video surveillance. The surveillance industry is always coming up with new and innovative ways of surveilling private businesses, and our security consultants are always on the cutting edge. Use a surveillance system for things such as video system for training new employees, time and motion studies and covert surveillance.

Video Surveillance for Sonoma, California Schools

Most schools have visitor registration centers, and those points of entry need the best security. Many schools are not constantly monitoring the visitor registration desk, but we work with your technology staff and your facility's management to get video Surveillance Technology in schools and universities!

Tech Support in Sonoma, California

When you purchase video surveillance systems from our security consultants, you also get tech support time built right into the system. When new systems are installed small logistical issues can arise, which can be easily fixed with a phone call to our techs. Our security consultants are available for tech support to work out any problems when you purchase equipment from Camera Security Now.