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Security cameras are giving governments across the country the tools to monitor their local facilities such as schools, courthouses, water treatment plants, airports, police stations, parks, roadways and many, many more! Camera Security Now provides state of the art surveillance equipment to government agencies whose desire for real time information can be as varied as the need to watch a toll bridge to the need to monitor patrons at a rehabilitation center. With one call to Camera Security Now you can start your government surveillance project off with trusted professionals.

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The GeoVision surveillance equipment we sell is used and trusted in government facilities world wide! Our government security camera systems are of the highest quality. With high resolution IP cameras, centralized management systems, comprehensive access control solutions and more, our GeoVision equipment is a great solution for government surveillance.

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Long Term Storage for Police Stations

Security cameras have proved instrumental in assisting our police forces all across the country, but long term storage of video footage has been prohibitively expensive until recently, making it difficult to retain extended durations of high quality footage. Camera Security Now has developed a solution utilizing the newest H.265 encoding technology to enable video storage of one year or more, and compatible with most camera brands. A high-capacity camera recording server may be in your budget, call today for more details!

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