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Driveway Security Cameras

Security Camera Tips and Benefits for Protecting Your Driveway

posted by Andy Wendt

The use of Security Cameras at a private residence is becoming much more common. While not a new concept, recent advances in technology, the lowering of the cost of camera hardware, and the increased need for security in many areas have spurred this trend to record levels over the last year.

If you are new to the concept of using security cameras in order to keep an eye on your home or your driveway then we should  review some of the basic benefits and options that you may want to consider.

The first thing to consider is, obviously, what's in your driveway. Why, for example, would you want to watch your driveway in live time from inside your home or even in live time while on vacation? Is the need serious enough to justify the cost of a professional grade security system? Then, consider whether or not you would have the need to keep a recorded copy of the driveway activity. Also worth thinking about is the benefit of having the security system notify you via text message, phone call, or e-mail should there be activity in your driveway during any special time for which you have chosen to monitor and receive alerts for.

Many people simply want to keep an eye on their driveway because it contains some very expensive items. For example some people may park their RV in their driveway during the off season, and others may have a work truck or vehicle parked there with valuable tools. Other times you simply want to know who's come over or pulled into your driveway while you were out.

Modern PC based DVR security camera systems allow a concerned home owner to custom configure their system in order to fill all of the above needs. With a connection to the internet, modern DVR's allow for complete remote access and veiwing through a web browser. Motion masks configured through the software can allow a home owner to target specific areas of interest within a driveway or conversely avoid and mask off areas that might cause "false alarms".

Of course, being PC based, the system can retain almost any amount of video you need. All professional grade GeoVision DVR systems from come with two hard drives. The first being  used for the Windows Operating System and the GeoVision software and any additional hardware drives.  The second hard-drive, of any size required, being used exclusively for video storage. In this manner a home owner could in theory keep months and months of video of the activity in their driveway.

What you Need for a Driveway Security Camera System:

The minimum driveway security system in our professional opinion would consist of a GeoVision 650 PC based DVR along with a 17" LCD and a single Bullet Camera. The details of even the most basic system can vary greatly but the above hardware is an entry level shipping list to get the the job done right.

The GeoVision Gv-650 DVR card can be used in a 4 channel configuration at a reasonable price and will provide a very respectable minimum of 15 Frames Per Second Per Channel even if you had four cameras connected with each recording simultaneously.

In terms of cameras we recommend as a minimum a low light color bullet camera with a fixed wide angle lens. This choice will keep the cost of the system down while providing good coverage, even in low light conditions. The wide angle lens, however, does bring a few limitations and to adjust for those it is best used to service an area immediately next to the physical location in which the camera is mounted. One final factor in our recommendation of the bullet camera is its size. Traditionally black in color and about the size of a magic marker their presence on the side of a house will not be noticed.

The remaining component of the system is, of course, a PC monitor. And yes any PC Monitor will do, and, yes you can connect your big screen TV to the system. Also required are power supplies for the cameras and the cable to connect the cameras to the DVR.

The IP Camera Alternative:

As an alternative to the above approach a home owner may chose to use an outdoor IP Camera to watch their driveway. This camera, being IP based, simply connects to the home owners router and then becomes accessible via the internet for viewing. A quality IP camera will come with it's own recording software that can be installed on any existing PC or  used on a new dedicated PC purchased just for the driveway security project.

The benefits of an IP camera include the fact that, being digital in nature, they are capable of much higher resolutions than a CCTV camera. Also, if you have no desire to record the video, they do not require a DVR to allow remote internet access. Being an IP camera, they have all the necessary electronics built into the camera that allows them to act as their own "Web Server".

There are a few trade-offs to consider: Outdoor IP cameras, due primarily to the features listed above, are also very expensive compared to CCTV based bullet cameras. Also, when compared to CCTV bullet cameras, an IP camera in any form factor is going to be much larger. Size and cost in situations like this can have a very big impact on the feasibility of a product for its intended use.

One last trade-off that everyone should be aware of when it comes to IP cameras is that in a nutshell they trade Frame Rates for Resolution. That is to say that as the resolution of any camera increases, the ability to transmit and store that data becomes more of a challenge. A typical high resolution IP camera might at best be able to transmit and record one to four frames per second which can have its place in certain applications but it can also make for very choppy video. This compared to even an entry level CCTV driveway security solution such as the GeoVision 650, which can easily record video at a minimum of 15 Frames Per Second Per Camera, will provide a totally different experience. 


Driveway security using professional grade security camera equipment can be a worthwhile projector for many homeowners. The very same equipment used to monitor banks, factories, and even government institutions can be scaled back without sacrificing functionality to provide an affordable home security solution. To learn more see the links below or call today for professional advice on how to get started with your project.

For more information on how a security camera system can help your driveway security please follow any of the links below or call us today at 800-440-1662.

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