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Our History

Camera Security Now is headquarted in Middletown, Ohio five minutes off of I-75. We have over 20 years experience in the surveillance and security camera industry. In 1998, Camera Security Now opened as the security and surveillance branch of CFR Inc., handling all of the surveillance needs of the company. Soon after, we were working with businesses, municipalities, schools and members of the local community, helping them secure their facilities with quality security camera systems. After several years we have developed a wide network of installers and technicians throughout the country and now offer our services nationwide.

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Our Leadership

Photo of John Beagle
John Beagle,

John enjoys biking, golf, racquetball and staying active. As the CEO and founder of CFR Inc., John has been with the company since the very beginning and constantly pushes the company to offer a level of service unmatched by the competition.

Photo of Andy Wendt
Andy Wendt,
VP of Marketing

As a history buff with a love for war games, Andy is all about strategy. He takes this love and puts it to work for CFR and Camera Security Now through innovative marketing, both offline and online.

Photo of Adam Lewis
Adam Lewis,
VP of Operations

A hands-on type of guy who loves to play poker, construct, and remodel - Adam is always looking for new ways to make CFR, Inc. and Camera Security Now operate more efficiently in all departments while increasing customer satisfaction.

Johnny Beagle
Johnny Beagle,
Operations Manager

The son of CEO and founder, John Beagle, Johnny officially started working for CFR in 2004. After graduating from the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State in 2012, he worked in robotic integration before returning to the CFR team in 2017 to lead the Camera Security Now division. Johnny is excited to help guide Camera Security Now through this next phase in the company's growth.

Randy Lewis
Randy Lewis,
Sales Manager

Every camera install is different and comes with its own unique challenges and having an experienced security consultant is where Randy comes in. Having worked for Camera Security Now for over 10 years, Randy works with all of our customers both local and national to design and plan the best security system for their needs. Randy has built relationships with manufacturers over the years, which allows Camera Security Now to get the best products at the most competitive pricing. In his down time he likes to hang out with his family and do the relaxing things in life.

Scott Gardner
Scott Gardner,
Service Manager

Once in a blue moon, security camera systems need onsite repairs or scheduled maintenance. Scott Gardner, our Senior Service Technician, has 23 years of experience in repairing and maintaining security camera systems for our clients. Video games and trending technology are just two of Scott's interests that drive him to be a great engineer. As an MCSE, Scott finds unique and creative solutions to client problems and the best way to implement them.

Our Benefits

We offer top-tier service to businesses of all sizes.

With our experience, expertise, and nationwide network, we're confident we can provide a security camera solution and support your business needs, from your home location in Southwestern Ohio to your locations all across the United States.

Our Strategy

We don't want to be like the competition.

Camera Security Now strives to be the leading security camera installer in the Cincinnati-Dayton region through our focus on customer service and satisfaction. We believe this can only be achieved by following a set of basic rules:

  • - Listen to the customer
  • - Provide straightforward pricing with no hidden charges or fees
  • - Give professional recommendations
  • - Rapid execution, but do not cut corners
  • - Provide a detailed service report
  • - Help prevent future problems
  • - Maintain a good customer relationship

What Customers Are Saying

"I was very happy with the service, information and pricing Randy gave me. I made an order and had my cameras within 5 days. After receiving the cameras, I was able to call Randy for help and questions I had when we installed. The quality and picture of the cameras is great, just like Randy said it would be. I highly recommend Randy Lewis and Camera Security Now for all your security and camera needs." -Charina D.

"I highly recommend Camera Security Now and Randy Lewis. Camera Security Now recently completed work at our funeral home. I found Randy’s entire team to be very professional, courteous, and especially helpful. When I needed to add a camera to the system that was quoted, Randy and his team were very accommodating and reasonable. It was a pleasure doing business with Camera Security Now." - Jeffrey B.

"We have been doing business with Camera Security now for almost 5 years. Camera Security now has installed several Camera security DVR systems for us in several of our locations locally and in Phoenix, AZ. Randy’s team also has done several network cabling projects as well as installed network IDF cabinets. Camera Security now is our preference for video security, networking, and helping us with various projects. I would highly recommend them." -John O.

"Our county was building a new sheriff's office and jail and we were in need of a low-cost, but high quality surveillance system for both interior and exterior monitoring. We also had specific needs, such as the ability to record audio and the ability to conveniently burn recordings of interviews. Randy was very knowledgeable and helpful in assisting me with choosing the right cameras. He went out of his way to work with me on the pricing and payment options. And when our first DVR wasn't quite meeting our expectations, Randy offered me a few solutions to the problem and gave us credit for our existing DVR toward the purchase of an upgrade. Randy was always easy to get in touch with by email to telephone and was always quick to help me with any technical question I had." - William H.