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Security Cameras & Surveillance Applications

Crime Prevention and Investigation

Site monitoring for security purposes is what most people think of when they think of surveillance cameras, and is indeed a very common application for our products. Business security camera installations can act as a deterrent for criminal activity, and video footage can be a valuable aid for criminal investigation.

Security Cameras for Crime Prevention & Investigation
Security Cameras For Accident and Incident Review
Accident and Incident Review

Monitor sensitive areas of your facility as well as high accident areas, like areas surrounding high voltage, automated equipment, cranes, or forklift traffic. Footage can be used to protect your business from any unwarranted OSHA or workers compensation claims, and can be used to identify and correct reckless behavior.

Security Cameras for Accident & Incident Review

Performance Review and Management Aid

Camera footage of the work centers, parking lots, and time clock stations at your operation can be used for process improvement and as a management aid to ensure that operational procedures and standards are being followed, and that workers are accountable for being at work during scheduled hours.

Security Cameras for Management & Performance Review
Content for Training and Promotion

Time lapse footage of events, such as installation of a new machine or reorganization of your plant, can be used as a training aid as well as content for marketing and promotion. Demonstrating your dedication to continuous improvement can inject a lot of enthusiasm within your operation, and bring outside attention to your company's efforts.

Security Cameras for Training & Promotions


The WASP Box

W ireless
A ll-In-One
S urveillance
P ackage

For installations on large sites or out-buildings, it can often be difficult to get the right cables to where the cameras need to be. Fortunately, our wireless, all-in-one WASP box requires only a power connection to communicate back to the NVR. Our WASP boxes are custom built to your needs, and can feature any type of camera you want. WASP boxes can have up to 8 standard cameras including one PTZ camera, giving you a complete view of any area on site.

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Upgrade to Digital

Have an old analog or coax-based system? No problem. We can replace your existing system with IP-based cameras, or just replace your DVR with an NVR to give you remote access to your system. We have NVR systems that are compatible with coax and IP cameras at the same time, meaning you can save money by using existing cabling and cameras, and also add new IP cameras to your system. Technology has come a long way since you installed that old system, give us a call and find out what an upgrade can do for you!

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GeoVision Installation

We proudly offer name brand equipment you can trust! GeoVision is one of the best known names in security, offering top of the line cameras and access control products. GeoVision software is Windows-based, which is a huge advantage when compared to the competition, bringing the power and flexibility of a PC to the world of security. If you're looking for the best security products available, you need a GeoVision system.

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Examples From Customers

Raw Material Storage - Security Camera

"We have a small manufacturing business. I understand why some companies would buy a security camera system to prevent employee theft but our employees were not the problem at all. We simply had a problem with thieves stealing our raw materials, mostly the copper that we store in a fenced area on the back side of our business. After we mounted four, what I would call full size cameras, on the back side of the building we have not had another problem. Our fingers are crossed that we don't have any more problems. But if we do, at least we will have something to turn over to the police."

- Michael, Hamilton, Ohio
Waiting Room - Security Camera

"My wife and I run a small Dental Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio. We have very few if any walk-in visitors, but we do have a small waiting room. Since we seldom have anyone sitting at the window we decided to install a four-camera security system and, of course, put one camera watching the front door and our small waiting area. Now, whenever someone is in the room I can see them from my desk in the back as I simply launch a web browser that logs into my camera system for a live view. We also went ahead and put a camera on the back door and two more to watch the benches where my technicians work."

- Ron, Dayton, Ohio
Back Porch - 3MP IP Security Camera

"We live in a nice neighborhood, but over the years the adjoining neighborhoods have really started to decline. After our second break-in in two months, we knew we had to do something. It's been over a year now and we've not had another problem. Perhaps it's because we put so many cameras up along with the yard signs that say "Camera Security Now", which you can't help but notice. But whatever the reason, we now have total coverage of our yard and doors. It's a great feeling knowing that if anything happens we'll least be able to see it on video and have something to turn over to the police."

- Brandon, Mason, Ohio

Point of Sale - Security Camera

"We wanted a security camera that monitored our point of sale area for our repair shop. We weren't concerned with employees stealing as much as we were concerned with them not properly charging for our services. The security cameras helped us nip these transactional problems in the bud and have helped us better train our employees on the correct procedures."

- Chloe, Cincinnati, Ohio
Parking Lot - Security Camera

"We have several employees who leave the office after dark and we wanted to have some security cameras around the parking lot for their safety. Besides being used as a deterrent, the cameras came in handy when one of our employees cars was hit in the parking lot. They were able to use the surveillance footage off our system to file their insurance claim."

- Carl, Middletown, Ohio
Store - 3MP IP Security Camera

"My family owns a small tool rental shop and on more than one occassion our equipment has not been returned. After getting our system installed by Camera Security Now, everyone who comes in the store can see we have amazingly clear video of them, their transaction, and even the car they were driving. This one small investment has made a world of difference in our equipment loss rate."

- Joseph, Eaton, Ohio