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KISI access control is a cloud-based security solution designed to streamline and enhance physical access management for businesses. Utilizing modern technology, KISI provides secure and convenient access through features like mobile credentials and remote administration, offering a flexible and efficient approach to access control.

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Access Control System

KISI access control is an innovative system that revolutionizes door security by seamlessly integrating with smartphones and web platforms. With its user-friendly interface and advanced encryption, KISI ensures a reliable and efficient access management solution, empowering businesses to monitor and control entry points effortlessly.

Featured Products from KISI

KISI Controller Pro 2

The brain of the Kisi system enables remote management with real-time occupancy insights. Transform your space into a commodity with the Kisi Controller Pro 2, which can connect to multiple readers to give you control at scale.

KISI Door Control Readers

The Kisi Reader Pro enables hygienic, contactless door entry. It works with a wave of a hand, mobile devices, keycards, or fobs. It connects to the Kisi controller to identify correct access rights upon entry.

KISI Hand-Motion Capability

From just a wave of your hand to a card, each reader has the capability to unlock without even touching the device.