Security Cameras for Safety Reviews

Improve Safety at Your Plant With Security Cameras

Many companies perform periodic planned safety reviews to ensure that all workers are trained properly and safety guidelines are being followed. The unfortunate reality is that people may act differently during a safety audit. Camera footage can offer an objective view of how your shop floor operates on a day-to-day basis and can give management hard evidence if this is different than how the shop operates during a safety audit.

Safety reviews can be performed on past footage, effectively making every day a potential safety audit. This is not solely for the benefit of catching workers in the act of doing something wrong. Companies have a legitimate reason to want workers to always operate as if today is a safety audit, and that reason is they want to keep their workers safe! How many accidents could have been avoided if the procedures demonstrated during safety audits were always followed?

Improving safety of your workers is just one of many benefits that buying our camera systems can bring to your manufacturing plant or warehouse. To get more information about our cameras, or how they can add value to your operation, give us a call or fill out our online quote request form today!

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Workplace Accidents

and OSHA Recordable Incidents

Camera systems can also be purchased for use to protect your business in the incident of a workplace accident or OSHA recordable incident. Camera footage offers an objective picture of whether established safety procedures were followed leading up to the accident. Root cause can be determined by reviewing the circumstances surrounding the incident. All of this footage can be used for training purposes to reduce the likelihood of future accidents.