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Surveillance Systems With Motion & Privacy Masking

When you need to customize your security camera system to include or exclude certain areas of your camera's surveillance filed you want to make sure your systems supports Motion Masking and Privacy Masking.

With Motion Masking you can select individual areas within the camera's field of surveillance that will count as a trigger for motion activated recording. An example of this would be setting a Motion Mask around a door to automatically save the video when anyone walks through. Conversely a Motion Mask could be applied to an area of moving trees of that tells the system to not count their movement as a trigger to record.

A Privacy Mask operates in a very similar fashion. However, once selected the surveillance system simply blurs, or does not record, any video from the selected area. This may be useful when there is sensitive information in a cameras surveillance field that should simply not be recorded.

To learn more about these options, and to make sure you get the right system to support your Motion Masking or Privacy Masking needs, contact Camera Security today!

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