Wide Dynamic Range Security Cameras

Surveillance Systems With Wide Dynamic Range

In the case of cameras, dynamic range is the ratio of the lightest and darkest elements that are capable of being displayed on an image. In photography, photographers use different exposure ranges and luminosity ranges in order to create a more realistic photograph. Photographers will take several pictures of the same image at different exposure ranges and combine them together in order to create fantastic and visually appealing photos. This same concept is applied to security cameras and has created the technology known as Wide Dynamic Range.

Wide Dynamic Range is a technology utilized by security cameras in order to balance out images that have a large dynamic range. An example of this situation would be if an indoor security camera were pointing towards a window or building entrance. During daytime, the image produced by the camera would be extremely washed out due to the high brightness of the incoming light. This effect is commonly seen in restaurants, stores, offices, and other buildings that have large windows or entrances. WDR cameras are fitted with two Charge-Coupled Devices (CCD), one high speed, and the other low speed which are designed to take multiple scans of the same image in order to provide a clear and balanced image.

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