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IP cameras being used to monitor a construction site.


Construction Site security can be greatly enhanced with the addition of IP Security Cameras in strategic locations. Traditionally Construction Site Video Surveillance has been among the more difficult projects as the sites can be very large and cabled CCTV systems are often impractical due to their need for a direct cable. However IP based Security Cameras allow you to take advantage of existing internet or network infrastructure to more quickly and easily build your network of cameras. This is potentially a great cost savings over the traditional method of running a wire from a central point out to every camera in the system. IP based Security Cameras of course do not require that labor intensive cabling and as long as the camera has internet or network access the video signal will be received by the server without a direct one to one cable connection.

Once the signal is received it can be monitored and recorded on a DVR much like a CCTV based Security System has done for years past. The major manufactures in the IP camera field include Axis, Sony and StarDot.

Unlike a CCTV Security Camera all IP cameras  are directly accessible through a web browser and offer a very good solution for those who want to add live video directly on their website.

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