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Dummy Security Camera

Dummy Security Cameras

An excellent idea for stretching your security budget

In today's world it's almost impossible to feel safe about your business without having some kind of security on the premise. Of course the best solution is a CCTV Security Camera System, but sometimes our budgets dont allow for the amount of security we really want. This can be a little discouraging but not to worry there is a cost-effective solution that can deter theft and/or vandalism.

The answer is Dummy Security Cameras. A series of dummy cameras can have the same effect that a normal surveillance system will have on thieves and vandals at a fraction of the cost. A dummy camera is designed to look like a real security camera but it does not actually function as a security camera. If you need to record and store footage then this may not be a solution for you as the Dummy cameras really perform no surveillance abilities. They just sit there making thieves aware of their presence and making them think they are being watched. An intruder might see the camera and think twice about stealing or even entering your store. These fake cameras have very low maintenance and can be installed easily without the assistance of a professional CCTV Security Camera Installer. A dummy security camera system can be a great temporary solution for your business if you are eventually looking to upgrade to a real security system.

Having a fake security camera system in place would be much more beneficial than having nothing. In fact you could even set up a combination of real security cameras and dummy cameras. This could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Putting the real cameras in key locations and the dummy ones in obvious places where it is not as important to have actual footage. It is important that you make the presence of your cameras known. Place the dummy ones in plain sight and use signage to let intruders know that there are security cameras on the premise (even if they are fake!). A good way to make intruders feel like they are being watched is to do what many superstores, such as Wal-Mart and Target, do. What do we see when we first enter one of these stores? We see ourselves walking into the store. This immediately gives intruders the feeling of being watched, they did, after all, just see themselves on camera.

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Dummy Security Cameras are also a great addition to any Hotel Security System.