Part 4 - How to Back Up Your Video Data

A 10 Part GeoVision Series by Camera Security Now

How to use the GeoVision backup software to copy several video clips to a CD for permanent storage. Backing up your saved GeoVision video to a disk is quick and easy with the GeoVision backup utility. The GeoVision backup utility is a perfect example of why Camera Security Now recommends a Dell/PC based GeoVison  DVR. With a PC based DVR you have all the flexibility and options of your office based Windows XP Pro system. If connected at your office the GeoVision PC based DVR will have access to all the network resources you enjoy each day, such as network storage, internet access, and access to and from other systems on the network. In addition to network resources you have access to any local resource such as your CD or DVD burner.

In the context of backing up your GeoVision video files the PC based DVR gives you the flexibility of choosing to burn the video clips to a CD, or a DVD, depending on how your PC based DVR is equipped. Being a PC based solution your GeoVision DVR could easily be upgraded at any time to a DVD burner, or as technology becomes more affordable you may upgrade to a Double Layer DVD burner. Some day you may even upgrade to a future disk technology not yet released. This flexibility is just one of the many reasons we recommend a PC based DVR solution. At present Camera Security Now uses CD burners in our entry level DVR's and Double Layer DVD burners in the higher end units. Keep in mind should the need arise you can also record and backup live GeoVisoin video event from a remote location.

When to backup a video clip is of course up to the user but we would urge our clients to backup anything they think might some day be of value. For example, an employee has an accident while on the job, the incident is entirely recorded by your GeoVision system. The employee refuses any medical treatment ad continues working. Five weeks later you receive a letter from the Bureau of Workers Compensation in regards to the incident. Having a GeoVision DVR allows you to easily backup such video clips and keep them indefinitely on a CD, DVD, or network drive. Then should the need arise you have valuable video evidence that may help resolve an issue that otherwise would be left to hearsay or speculation.

In this example, and many more like it, a GeoVision DVR has the potential to pay for itself. In addition to a DVRs ability to provide valuable management control information, and reduce inventory shrinkage, it can also help reduce the potential for fraudulent law suits or accident claims. One such negated lawsuit could easily pay for the entire cost of even the largest DVR based Camera Security System.

When choosing a  Security Camera vendor for your security needs remember that Camera Security Now offers an unprecedented level of pre and post sale support.