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Posted 07/30/2008 by Andy Wendt

Digital Video Recorders (DVR's), have in my opinion, been to some degree "intelligent" every since they first appeared and began to replace tape based recording systems. But as most things in life are relative, and especially when it comes to technology, I would also conclude that there is no common expectation of intelligence from a DVR.

To further complicate our expectations we must remember that  the most intelligent DVR units on the market are PC based. Being PC based, meaning that the DVR software and DVR capture card are installed on some form of traditional computer, the intelligence level has the ability to constantly increase as new and better software is developed. The PC based GeoVision models found on the website for example all have access to free software updates from the manufacturer. As new features come out you simple download the newest updates and in minutes your DVR has become all the more intelligent.

Given that things have come so far we need to keep in mind that some people are still impressed that a DVR can even record video to a hard drive, and that the video can easily be copied and played on any computer. Others have spent their lives isolated from technology and have been brain washed by TV shows like CSI to the point that they would incorrectly believe that any digital image can be magnified indefinitely without distortion or that a face can be uploaded to the internet and instantly matched up to a criminal.

A reasonable expectation of intelligence for a DVR would for me at least include these features that come standard on a GeoVision system : Recording on motion, internet connectivity including remote viewing and playback through a web browser, central monitoring software to allow for multiple DVR's to be monitored by local or remote security personnel, point of sale integration, face detection, missing object detection, unattended object detection, object tracking, privacy masks, motion masks, access control integration, 3G mobile / PDA remote viewing, just to name a few that come to my mind.

Some people however have very basic needs when it comes to a security camera system. Having an intelligent professional grade system from GeoVsion in no way lessens the system's ability to act, or be used, in any way you wish. But having an intelligent system does give you the options to use your system in ways you may not have initially thought necessary, or helpful, prior to your purchase. So please keep in mind that an Intelligent DVR can always be "dumbed down" but an entry level DVR can never be "smartened up".

With a GeoVisoin DVR every system has the same exceptional software and high degree of intelligence. The models are only differentiated by the frame rate at which they capture video, the number of cameras each system supports, and the amount of video storage space they offer. So with even a four port entry level GeoVision DVR, that would sell for roughly the same amount as a name brand, and much less intelligent stand alone DVR, you can make the smart choice and have a much more flexible professional grade security camera system.

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