Part 6 - Opening Firewall Ports for Remote Access

A 10 Part GeoVision Series by Camera Security Now

How to open firewall ports for remote access. Once your GeoVision DVR server is up and running your next step will be connecting it to your network. This will allow for intranet or internet access to your systems live and recorded GeoVision video. Even though remote viewing and remote playback are both accessed with Internet Explorer it is important to remember that your firewall will have to be aware of how to route those incoming requests from the web browser in order to match it up with your DVR. If you have even the most basic router this step will apply to you.

As we at specialize in a Dell based GeoVision DVR solution hooking up your DVR to your network will follow the exact same process as hooking up any other network accessible device, such as mail server for example.

For the purposes of illustration we have chosen a NetGear and a Linksys router. These manufactures have a very large share of the small business router market and there is a good chance that your router might be from one of these manufacturers. Should that not be the case then I would still say this video is worth watching on the grounds that functionally most routers behave in the same manner and though some menu heading may appear a bit different from model to model the overall concepts are the same. Should you still have trouble navigation your routers menu system I would suggest you try the manufacturers website for a possible list of commonly asked questions, sometimes called an FAQ.

Should you be weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a PC based DVR you may want to consider the complexity of the network your DVR will be connecting to. From experience some non-pc based DVR units will not offer the same level or network compatibility that a full fledge PC device might offer. However when choosing a Dell Based GeoVison DVR from you can be guaranteed that our genuine Microsoft XP Pro or  Genuine Microsoft Vista Business systems will be fully network compatible, offer maximum configuration flexibility, and a secure source of future Operation System updates from Microsoft.

As mentioned above the models of routers used in this video are for illustration purposes only and not the only or even the preferred model of router for your security camera system. In fact the GeoVision DVR product is so compatible that neither the manufacturer or Camera Security Now has ever made a recommendation as to a model or type of router. We believe the question of which router to use at your firm is best answered by your companies IT staff or by a qualified independent computer service organization such as

Remember you can buy your security camera equipment anywhere, but we don't think you will ever find a company more dedicated to making sure you buy the equipment that is right for you, or making sure you take full advantage of the equipment once it is installed.