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Remote DVR/NVR Server Check Up

Preventative Maintenance for your GeoVison Video Server

Delegate Your DVR or NVR Maintenance:
Paying attention to your security camera system is not a new requirement of the modern digital age. I have stories of neglect with disastrous consequences going back to the days of tape based systems. So don't think that if you have a new DVR or NVR system that the requirement of vigilance does not apply to you. Though no substitute for vigilance,  technology can make proper preventative maintenance of your DVR or NVR a worry of the past.

With a weekly, monthly, or quarterly remote checkup from Camera Security Now your security camera server can receive the attention it needs to help make sure it's up and running when you need it most. For only $25 per checkup your GeoVision server can receive a complete diagnoses from a security systems professional.
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What We Will Check
1. Overall System Function
2. Hard Drive performance and usage levels
3. Virus Protection patch version
4. OS Service patch version
5. Cameras recording according to plan
6. Internet connectivity
7. GeoVision Software Release Notification

Each remote checkup is followed immediately with a brief report. We will let you know if your system is running normally or outline any issues that may have been discovered. Should you need onsite service we can arrange that as well.

Don't Wait For Disaster:
There are times in each workday when everyone needs some outside motivation to get things done. We all constantly do our best to knock out those tasks we know are important while to some degree we remain happily oblivious to a number of things we should be paying closer attention to.

If you have a security camera system of any type, I would like to suggest that you are most likely not paying that system the attention it deserves.

As a business owner or manager would you settle for your employees changing the oil in your fleet vehicles only after they start to see smoke? Would you wait until an employee had been missing for days before you implement a vacation policy? Of course not! So why would you wait until the police are standing at your desk before making sure your DVR or NVR was recording and operating normally? Why would you wait for disaster to be your motivation?

Don't wait until it's too late to check on your security camera server. Call the professionals at today at 800-440-1662 and rest easy knowing the system that safeguards your business is itself being watched weekly, monthly or quarterly without you giving it another thought.

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