Part 3 - Setting Up a Dynamic DNS Entry

A 10 Part GeoVision Series by Camera Security Now

How to set up a DNS entry for your DVR. GeoVision is widely considered to be the leader in business class DVR technology and from the beginning Camera Security Now has identified GeoVision as the best value for our clients. As you have seen in the previous videos in this series Camera Security Now builds every GeoVision DVR by hand from quality Dell systems to match our clients exact needs. However many times a client is not yet ready to add remote camera viewing to the system at the time it is built. This is not a problem because as you will see in this video by Brian Wood adding the Dynamic DNS feature to your GeoVision server is a quick and straight forward task. For those who may not be familiar with the concept of the Domain Name Service (DNS) it is simply a database that reside on the internet.

The database is responsible for translating a computers domain name (such as into an IP address. Through the DNS system all internet requests that refer to a domain name are translated to a specific IP address and passed to the corresponding system with that IP address to process. Once this setup is complete you can go to Internet Explorer and type in the domain name that you have chosen for your system, and through the DNS database, it will always resolve to your DVR. This allows people who do not have a Static IP to easily access their system from any where on the internet.Should you have a Static IP you would not be using the Dynamic DNS feature as you would simply be able to hit the box by it's fixed IP address.

The benefits, and full range of remote access features, really make the GeoVision product stand out from the competition. As always uses Dell systems for the base of their GeoVision DVR you are guaranteed all the network flexibility of any Windows XP pro system. This will allow the GoeVision DVR to be used in large corporate networks or in small offices. While stand alone DVR's can not compete with the full network abilities of  a Windows XP based system our clients can rest assure that their GeoVision DVR is up to the task.

When choosing a vendor for your Security Camera needs remember that Camera Security Now offers an unprecedented level of pre and post sale support.

If you plan to build your own DVR system, please watch our Camera Security website for new videos and GeoVision do it yourself guides.