Security Camera Rentals

Security Camera Rental
Rent A Surveillance System For Events & Temporary Projects

Security and surveillance camera rentals are practical when you have a short term need for video monitoring, but do not wish to transport, setup, monitor, and teardown the cameras, and then store them after the event. Most systems are installed permanently and are not mobile ready anyway, so reusing a system for a temporary event is impractical. A security camera rental with a temporary setup is a good fit for temporary events, projects and sites for this reason. We can provide a team of technicians anywhere in the US to handle the video surveillance needs for your event, allowing you to focus your time and effort on the event itself. Handling camera equipment and monitoring is a major distraction from making your event the best event possible.

Security camera rentals are not a viable solution to save money compared to purchasing the cameras. Often, a security camera rental installation can be expensive due to complexity of the network, difficulty mounting and securing cameras on temporary fixtures, and the cost of constant monitoring and service to the system.

Security Camera Rental

Security Camera Rental
Access to Power Required

Access to power required near where the video recorder is located, and near where each camera will be located. Solar powered solutions start at $10,000 per camera!

Security Camera Rental
Must Secure the Video Recorder

Your temporary location must have a secure place for the video recorder, such as a locked building or trailer.

Security Camera Rental
Rentals are Not Cheap

Security camera rentals are often not much less expensive than a permanent system, and in some cases can be more expensive than buying!

Security Camera Rental
Internet Access Required to See Cameras Offsite

Wireless solutions are available but can be expensive.

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Why Rent Security Cameras?


Large, complex camera systems can be bulky to transport and in doing so you can risk damaging your equipment. Renting allows you to avoid the hassle of transporting your own system and the risk of damages.

Setup / Takedown

Setup of any camera installation requires a network of cameras, switches, recorders, cables, and sometimes, wireless devices. A custom camera system can be very complicated to setup for a temporary event but with our experienced professionals you can let us handle the setup and takedown.

On-Site Tech

We can provide a technician with experience using our equipment and a deep understanding of the full functionality of the cameras selected for your event. An experienced tech can optimize viewing windows or set up PTZ cameras to scan an area or track people.

Camera Rentals

For Temporary Sites

Not all businesses require a permanent security system solution. If your business operations rely on temporary workplaces or often change worksites like film or audio editing studios or construction sites, renting security cameras is typically much more affordable both short and long term. When you get a security camera rental from Camera Security Now, you do not have to worry about procuring storage space, camera maintenance, or the eventuality of having to sell off obsolete security equipment. Give us a call at 800-440-1662 or fill out a contact form to request a quote for a security camera rental today!