360 Degree View For Hallway Monitoring

Fisheye cameras give a 360 degree view, allowing hallways and large rooms like cafeterias to be monitored using only 1 camera, with little or no blind spots. These cameras are actually 4 cameras in 1, with software to seemlessly combine the image. Each of these 4 cameras can also be viewed individually, giving a 90 degree view with no distortion from the fisheye viewing software.

These cameras can utilize functions such as motion detection, privacy mask, and alert notification, and can be viewed on- or off-site through the web interface using an Internet Explorer browser. Our GeoVision fisheye cameras can be mounted on the ceiling, wall or ground, and they integrate with our GeoVision Network Video Recorders, providing advanced monitoring and video management features. They are perfect for surveillance of hallways or other areas that are challenging for traditional bullet or dome cameras to get a complete view with no blind spots

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