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The school playground may not be the first place you think of putting a security camera, but it is an area that definitely benefits from one! While there may not be a lot of things happening on a school playground that would warrant the need for a security camera, they can come in handy for situations like playground altercations between children or for identifying what happened if a child injures themselves on a piece of playground equipment. But where a security camera on a playground really comes in handy is after hours. Are kids sneaking onto school property to play school pranks? Are people coming onto school property when they shouldn't be and doing things they shouldn't? All of these situations are reason enough for a playground security camera system.

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The technology of security cameras has grown immensely over the past 5 to 10 years. Gone are the days of VHS tapes as they have been replaced with digital DVRs and NVRs that allow you to record and store hours and hours of footage. In addition to that, the cameras themselves have seen upgrades to digital IP cameras and HD cameras that offer features like Pan/Tilt/Zoom, giving you unparalleled capabilities. Moreover, most security camera systems offer remote viewing of live camera feeds or stored footage that you can access through your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone! Contact today if you are interested in a security camera system for your playground!

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