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Upgrade Your Dated System

When people think about upgrading things like their security camera systems, they usually think that they are forced to spend a lot of money because they will have to upgrade everything, cameras, wires, cables, storage devices, monitors, etc... Thankfully, that isn't always the case. Most of the time when users upgrade to digital systems, they are still able to use all of their old cables and wires. We can setup new digital camera system with IP over coax. That means you can keep all of your old cameras and still add new digital cameras in combination!

When it comes to new security camera systems, you don't have to spend a lot of time and money replacing every little piece, running new cables, rewiring everything, getting rid of old but useful analog cameras, etc... CameraSecurityNow.com can assist you with upgrading whatever you need in terms of equipment and can even install everything for you! Our professionals can take your old, outdated system and replace it with a new, modern, digital IP system with high-capacity video recorders and high definition cameras and even integrate your old cameras into it!

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Reasons to Upgrade

System Improvements

IP security cameras start at 4 megapixels and have no theoretical limit as to how high the resolution can be. As a result, an IP-based surveillance system provides clarity and depth coax cameras simply cannot compete with in live monitoring, recording, and playback. Additionally, this higher resolution capability gives IP cameras the edge over coax cameras for facial recognition, license plate tracking, and long distance monitoring, recording, and playback as well. This resolution improvement generates more precision and transparency when viewing or recording live movement and animated objects with IP security cameras.

While wireless is possible for coax security systems, it’s quite expensive and requires encoders at each end of the wireless connection, whereas as with IP cameras, as a result of this wireless communication, camera configuration can be performed before installation thus reducing the overall time needed to setup security systems. Also, because of POE support, security cameras can even be added directly to an already installed network, if preferred.

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