Security Cameras for Accident / Incident Review

Accident / Incident Review

With a security camera system, you're not only protecting yourself from criminal activity but also from false accidents, incidents, and workers compensation claims. A surveillance system provides the video evidence you need to investigate what really occurs at your site so your business is not a victim of fraudulent claims and other false accusations. This is made possible through our systems being of the best quality and having innovative technology that gives you the ability to remotely watch your business, and have long term storage for possible delayed claims.

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Featured Products for Accident / Incident Review

15MP Multidirectional Camera
15MP Multidirectional Camera

With the benefits of four cameras, this camera from Axis allows you to easily cover four different areas with a single unit. With a remote zoom and focus, flexible positioning of four varifocal camera heads, and 360° IR illumination, you'll be able to capture more than you thought possible.

Axis Communications multidirectional cameras starting under $2,000

Uniview LightHunter Turret Camera

Featuring Uniview's newest turret camera to be approved by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) featuring the brand new LightHunter technology. This 5MP camera comes equipped with LightHunter technology that allows the camera to view low light areas and provide bright, clear, and colorful images despite a lack of light sources.

Uniview LightHunter cameras priced at under $250
Fixed Lens Turret Camera
Fixed Lens Turret Camera

Featuring an automatic day & night switch and a 70FT IR distance, this camera from Dahua also boasts a 2 MP 3.6mm lens. This captures a beautiful 1080P image, and is rated IP66, which means that it is dust tight, and impervious to damage from natural elements.

Dahua turret cameras available for less than $200

Surveillance Systems

For Accident / Incident Review

Having a business without a quality security camera system leaves you vulnerable to false workers compensation claims and incident allegations. Not only can this cost your business a lot of money, but also it sends a message to other criminals that they can do the same and get away with fraudulent claims, and other crimes.

A surveillance system from Camera Security Now not only records footage, but also gives you peace of mind by having the ability to store video for long terms, and remotely view your business at any time so you can monitor your employees, property, and equipment utilization. With this power, you are able to prevent competing narratives and know which accidents really occured and which did not. In the long run, this saves you from lawsuits, and giving your businesses hard earned money to criminals.

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Crime Prevention and Investigation

Do you suspect that your business has been the victim of more than just an accident? See how we can help investigate criminal activity.

Car Accident Video Footage

In this video, its obvious that the grey car runs a red light causing the accident. Since the accident was caught on video, there were no competing narratives, just video evidence to prove that the grey car was responsible. With a security camera system in your parking lot, you are able to ensure that the party responsible for an accident takes the blame.

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