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Crime Prevention and Investigation

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Preventing Crime and Aiding in Investigations

Crime prevention and investigation are important aspects of security for business owners and facilities managers to consider. Having conspicuously-placed cameras in important thoroughfares can have a great impact on crime reduction. Likewise, having long-term data and video storage can protect your business from litigation in cases that time to investigate. Call us to learn more about how you can prevent crime and help with investigations today.

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Crime Prevention


Visible security cameras that indicate recording is taking place are effective at preventing crime. Zeroing-in on potential areas of break-in and theft with well-placed cameras is a great way to add another layer of crime deterrence to your business or facility.

Access Control

Access control determines who is allowed into a facility. Along with security cameras, access control systems allow you to manage access and alarm events with associated video under a single platform, streamlining your crime prevention efforts.

License Plate Cameras

License plate cameras are an effective means of detecting individuals who are barred from your property that are trying to enter. They are also useful for capturing the information of repeat problem vehicles, allowing you to alert the authorities when they arrive.

Community Protection

Having cameras in high-traffic areas can be used to deter crime and enhance neighborhood safety. Cameras are great for securing busy community centers, schools, sports complexes, and libraries.

See how we can help protect your business not just from criminal activity, but also accidents and other incidents of interest.

Crime Investigation

Video Evidence

Video evidence from security cameras is admissible in court, making it one of the most critical tools in a crime investigation. Having a high-resolution camera with audio recording and infrared is a great way to add clarity to investigations of theft and property crime, assault, and more. Learn more about video evidence and chain of custody requirements on our blog.

Long-Term Storage

Having reliable long-term data backup and archiving capabilities is critical, as it protects your business during litigation that can drag on for months after the initial incident. It is also an important tool for investigations that take an extended period of time to complete. Read more about the importance of long-term storage on our blog.

Hit/Run and Break-In Investigations

Areas like parking lots and large commercial districts see crimes like hit and runs and break-ins occur daily. Having these areas secured with cameras ensures that there will be plenty of evidence if an incident does occur and can help you to identify patterns and lessen the chance it will happen again. More information about these types of cases can be found here.

High Traffic Areas

Cameras placed in areas with lots of foot or vehicle traffic are more likely to capture incidents as they occur. These videos are an invaluable tool when it comes to investigating accidents, incidences of physical altercation, theft, and more. Learn more about handling surveillance for parking lots and other high-traffic areas here.

Inventory Shrinkage/Theft

Inventory shrinkage and internal theft cost businesses money every day. A reliable camera system allows you to investigate missing pieces of inventory and cases of possible employee theft, making it easier to prevent such cases in the future. Read more about reducing inventory shrinkage here.

Recover Missing Assets

Losing assets through either theft or misplacement is a costly event many businesses must suffer year after year. Having a robust security camera system allows you to more easily track business assets upon delivery, and ensure they are being taken to the correct spot, and not taken out of your facility without permission.

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