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Football fields and soccer fields on school grounds are used for more than just games. Teams practice on them, bands practice on them, they are used for gym class or fun, outdoor activities during school, and a lot of them even have tracks around them. These fields are used all the time during the day and sometimes people even use them at night, after school hours and after teams are done playing games on them. With so much use, it makes sense that these fields would have security camera systems monitoring them.

Football & soccer field security camera systems help monitor the fields during school hours and during games but also allow you to keep an eye on the fields when they're not in use. These cameras add an extra sense of security to these fields, deterring vandals and pranksters alike. Did a rival school sneak over during the night and spray paint their logo on the field before the big game? Well, a security camera system can help you identify exactly who the culprits are. Seniors take their Senior Prank too far? A security camera system can help!

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PTZ Cameras

For Football & Soccer Fields

If you're searching for a camera that can monitor multiple areas within and around your football/soccer field, you need a pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera! What makes a PTZ camera unique is its ability to be controlled remotely and positioned how you want it so footage of a large area, like a playing field only requires one camera. Click the button below to learn more about how a PTZ camera can benefit your field's security.
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Modern security camera systems incorporate things like high-capacity NVRs and DVRs that allow you to store hours and hours of footage. In addition to that, these systems also use IP cameras and HD security cameras, offering you a new level of quality in your video recording.

Probably the best feature is the ability to remotely view your live security feed or remotely view stored footage on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer virtually anywhere! Get a Football & Soccer Field Security Camera today from!