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Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Security Cameras

PTZ Security Cameras
Surveillance Systems With PTZ Technology

Pan, Tilt, Zoom, commonly referred to as PTZ, is a camera feature involving your camera's ability to move its lens and refocus. Most PTZ cameras can rotate their lens along three axis for an ineradicable range of movement and camera coverage. There are of course always a few blind spots imposed by the mounting hardware and the cameras own housing, but these are very minimal. The primary advantage of a PTZ camera is of course the ability, through the software on the actual Network Video Recorder, or the software on the remote viewing app, to rotate your camera side-to-side or up and down while also zooming in and out in live time, giving you unprecedented level of control of your cameras field of view and viewing angle. With such a technology one camera can be used to watch a large area and bring distant objects easily into range with a crystal clear image.

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