Wireless Solutions for Operations of All Sizes

Wireless Security Networks
Eliminate the Need for Trenching

Many operations expand beyond the interior of one central building to one or several outbuildings or open areas. It can be difficult to surveil decentralized operations like this remotely, as secondary work sites often lack an internet connection. If your operation has multiple separate buildings, you may already know how costly it can be to run cable from one building to the next. This cost can drive the price of a security camera installation up, and for many businesses, that is the reason they have not installed security cameras, or only have them on their main building.

Fortunately, wireless connectivity has come a long way, and now enables remote access of security cameras over a wireless connection back to the main facility. We have experience building wireless point-to-point networks that eliminate the need for running cable between buildings. We only use the best wireless devices from brands like Engenius and Ubiquiti, whose manufacturers boast connectivity at ranges up to 3 miles, which is plenty of range for even the largest operations. If you're not sure how all this works, don't worry, just leave it all up to us!

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Wireless All-In-One Surveillance Package

Our wireless all-in-one surveillance packages are a great way to take advantage of great vantage points that are disconnected from your main building. A weatherproof housing protects the networking equipment required to communicate with the cameras and to create the wireless network. We mount the wireless access point and as many as 4 cameras to the outside of the box. All that is needed is access to power, and we can mount these packages anywhere. Multiple cameras can give you a 360 degree view, and we can even mount PTZ cameras that you can control.

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Factors to Consider

Wireless Security Networks

Due to the large amounts of data exchanged by security cameras, there must be a clear line-of-sight to create a wireless network with enough bandwidth. Any type of solid object, even leaves on trees, can disrupt a wireless signal. If there are obstacles in the way, consider mounting the wireless devices on a pole high in the air.
Wireless Security Networks
Power is a must

We just can't make our cameras work without power, and solar powered solutions are still prohibitively expensive and costly to maintain. We need to be able to connect all of our cameras and wireless devices up to power near where they are installed. We understand this is not always readily available, and will be happy to work with an electrician to obtain the necessary access to power.
Wireless Security Networks
Internet connection for remote access

While wireless point-to-point networks eliminate the need for internet access at all buildings, you will still need an internet connection at one location to view your cameras remotely. No internet connection? No problem, your cameras will still be viewable on site and make recordings, but you will just not be able to view them with the remote app.

Wireless Networks For All Different Applications

Wireless Security Networks
Custom Network Design

We understand that not all businesses are the same, and wireless networks must be customized accordingly. Our technicians will weigh several factors, most importantly budget and the number of cameras needed for the desired coverage, and design the right solution for your needs. We know from experience how a storage facility differs from a warehouse, and the challenges high density areas like hotels and apartments face with wireless connectivity, and will adapt our network design accordingly.

Professional Installation

Protection You Can Trust

We guarantee professional installation and service for all types of businesses and all locations, no exceptions. We promise that we will help guide you to the best security system to suit your needs, and that we will support you through every step of the process. Once your system is installed, we stand behind the quality and honor all manufacturers warranties. Contact us today to see how we can help protect your business!

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