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Hotel security cameras, though seldom written about perhaps because they are so universally accepted and the benefits so easily understood, are a major part of our nationwide security camera business. Anyone who has stayed in a hotel or motel in the last 15 years has surely noticed the security camera monitor behind the front desk with the video of the property there for the staff and the guests to see. This of course lets the guests, or any unwanted troublemakers, know that the nothing happens in the common areas that's not captured by the hotel's impressive installation of security cameras.

If you are like me, you may have noticed that many of the security camera systems you see behind that front desk look very old. Perhaps the cameras are black and white, perhaps the monitor is a metal case that almost looks like a TV, but not quite. These older security camera systems are being replaced daily throughout the country. The modern equivalent of that old system is a GeoVision NVR. The acronym NVR stands for "Network Video Recorder", and it's the component that attaches to the hotel's local area network and records and stores the live video feeds from the cameras. It's also the component that's responsible for controlling playback and all remote access to the video.

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Many companies in the hospitality industry end up replacing their old security camera system to take advantage of improved image resolutions, extended video retention periods, and enhanced remote viewing and playback through an Android or iOS cell phone app. Additionally, modern surveillance systems are more easily scaled to allow for future expansion while maintaining a unified user interface.

A few popular cameras that provide a great value for Hotels and Motels nationwide are the GeoVision FishEye camera that can see in 360 degrees. This allows a lobby. or an open common area. to be covered with just one camera. Another popular product would be in outdoor infrared bullet camera. These cameras use infrared light, that's invisible to the naked eye, to illuminate their field of view and provide a clear image even in total darkness.

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