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Surveillance for Lots, Depots, Garages, and Storage Facilities

Parking lot cameras can act as a deterrent for crimes on your property, protecting not only your company's valuable assets that are stored in the lot, but more importantly, protecting your workers and customers as they walk to and from their vehicles. When some unfortunate accident or crime does occur, the camera footage is a valuable tool for investigation. The camera system could easily pay for itself over the course of a single incident investigation.

Surveillance cameras are offered with a variety of features, such as license plate recognition, facial recognition, and wireless connectivity back to the main building. Infrared imaging for night time or low light video recording is standard on modern IP cameras.

At Camera Security Now, we have installed security cameras in parking lots, bus depots, car lots, storage facilities, and garages, and we're confident we can provide a surveillance system that will help protect your business. Please give us a call at 800-440-1662 or fill out a quote request for more information.

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Parking Lot Camera Uses

Monitoring Your Perimeter

Parking lots, with all their foot and vehicle traffic, are areas in which safety of the utmost importance. Whether you are monitoring employees coming and going, or monitoring the conditions in your lot (due to weather or other factors, a robust camera system gives you the power to remotely view every element of your lot in real-time. Controlling egress and monitoring lot capacity is easy with the right camera system. Contact one of our experienced camera techs at Camera Security Now for more details and a quote.
Deterring Criminal Activity

Incidents like car break-ins, assault, robbery, and vandalism often go unchecked due to a lack of proper monitoring. With a conspicuously-placed set of security cameras, would-be criminals are deterred from acting before an incident ever occurs. If a crime does take place in your parking lot, having a camera on lot gives authorities the material they need to better understand the situation. The right camera system can turn even the largest parking lot into a crime-free zone.
Monitoring Accidents and Incidents

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, parking lots are where about 20% of vehicle accidents occur. If an accident occurs in your parking lot, having a camera system gives you the power to see as it happens in real-time and alert the porper authorities. Cameras are also critical in helping the authorities determine what happened and taking the proper action. Having the right camera system in your lot also protects you from costly hit-and-runs and fradulent insurance claims.

Parking Lot


Whether you work for a private business, a school, or a private parking service, having the right kind of surveillance system is a critical part of keeping pedestrians, drivers, and employees safe. With so many types of camera systems for different settings, it is important to have an experienced, trusted partner ready to help you select and install the best camera system for your parking lot and business.

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