Security Cameras for Points of Sale

Retail Point of Sales
Point of Sale Cameras Reduce Loss

The point of sale is the most important location to watch in many operations throughout a swath of industries. After all, that is where all of the sales are made and cash is handled and stored. Not only are points of sale the target of theft, but employees can make mistakes and ring up sales incorrectly.

Protect all points of sale at your business with cameras that can see the counter, point of sale device, and are close enough to record audio clearly. Some POS systems can even be integrated with Geovision's Data Capture device, displaying the transaction right on the camera's view. But even if your POS system can't be integrated, timestamped transactions can easily be matched up with camera footage.

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Prevent Inventory Shrinkage

You have cameras throughout the store, theft detection devices installed at all exits, and you're pretty sure your inventory is not walking out of the store, but your inventory counts never seem to add up. What's happening? The answer may be at the register.

Inventory shrinkage can occur at the register as the result of simple employee error, like not ringing up the right item, or not ringing up an item at all makes your inventory counts inaccurate. Or, you may have employees intentionally not ringing up items or ringing them up incorrectly for their friends. Only an objective view, complete with audio, can help you figure out what's really going on! Reduce Inventory Loss

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Keep an Eye on the Cash

Occasionally, your drawers don't add up, and it can be very difficult to determine who is at fault. Some companies hold employees liable for any differences at their register. Inevitably, this results in some employees getting punished for someone else's theft, but making exceptions when you're not sure what happened will only lead to more and more exceptions. When a drawer doesn't add up, it is important to determine exactly what happened, and take corrective action immediately. Only a point-of-sale camera can do that for you.
Protect Your Cash

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Training and Management Review

In any role that deals directly with customers, training new employees creates an interesting challenge. The best training is done on the job through firsthand experience, but you don't want to turn untrained employees loose to deal with customers on their own. Job shadowing and direct supervision helps, but it is impossible to encompass the wide variety of potential interactions in a few traning sessions.

Security footage can actually be used for training purposes. Any time a valuable learning experience occurs at your business, save the footage to review with current and future employees. After gathering a few good clips, you no longer will need to wait for an unruly customer to show your new employees how to handle difficult situations. You will be able to review footage of multiple challenging customer interactions in just a few minutes.
Manage Your Staff

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Industries We Serve

Bars and Restraurants

Most bars and restaurants process hundreds or thousands of transactions in a typical day. And at one point or another, they will all face problems at the point of sale. It's simply not possible for you to keep an eye on every transaction in real time. Review what goes on at your POS away from the distraction of a busy dining room.

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Banks and Financial Institutions

Employee error or dishonesty, or any kind of robbery or theft, can become costly very quickly at institutions that handle a lot of cash. It is absolutely critical that cameras are positioned at the location of each teller, as well as where the cash and valuables are stored, and that they are close and high enough resolution to get a clear view of every single bill. Don't wait until you have been ripped off to install or upgrade your camera system.
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Gas Stations

Gas station point of sales are often the location of a lot of petty theft and unruly customers. In order to protect your business and prosecute theives who attempt to prey on your business, you need to properly capture all of their movements inside your store, especially at the cash register so that you can verify their transaction is rung up correctly.

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Free Remote Lifetime System Health Check for Point of Sale Surveillance

To help keep our clients safe and protected, all security camera systems sold by Camera Security Now come with a free, remote, monthly system health checkup for the lifespan of the camera system (restrictions may apply). Our goal is to help make sure your point of sales cameras will be online when you need them the most. With our Free System Health Check, a qualified technician will:

  • Perform an NVR hard drive health check
  • Ensure cameras are recording per their schedule
  • Ensure that the correct time and date stamp is set

  • Verify camera lenses are focused and adjusted properly
  • Verify cameras are aligned and have not been knocked off their proper view
  • Verify any pan, tilt, and zoom functions are working correctly

A thorough report outlining any problems detected will be provided to our clients at no cost.
Issues can be resolved by our clients or by a qualified technician from CameraSecurityNow (standard labor rates will apply).

Ask your sales representative about our Pro System Health Check Plans for even more protection.

Professional Installation

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We guarantee professional installation and service for all types of businesses and all locations, no exceptions. We promise that we will help guide you to the best security system to suit your needs, and that we will support you through every step of the process. Once your system is installed, we stand behind the quality and honor all manufacturers warranties. Contact us today to see how we can help protect your business!

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