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One of the best things you can do in the restaurant and bar industry is to run a successful business and while running a successful business is great, it does have some pitfalls. One of the main things that comes with running a successful restaurant or bar is the fact that bartenders and staff are more likely to steal from you. It may not be very noticeable when it happens, such as giving out free food or drinks to friends or light skimming from the register, though it can really add up. Shrinkage, which is the average loss due to theft, spillage, and waste, is around 23% for liquor and draft beer, 10% for wine and 2% for bottled beer and those numbers can really add up.

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Security camera systems in bars and restaurants are typically placed monitoring the cash registers, the bar, and other key points of the establishment. Having a security camera system not only helps keep your staff honest but it can also help you nail down exactly what it is that is costing you money. New camera technologies, like high-capacity NVRs and DVRs, IP cameras, and HD cameras are really changing the restaurant and bar business. With the ability to remotely view your camera feeds and footage from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer you can ensure that everything is copacetic in your business and is your best option!

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