Access Control Security Systems

Surveillance Systems With Access Control

Access control is any mechanism by which a systems allows, or denies, access to a physical plant or logical resource in a network environment. Security camera systems that are capable of access control integration will improve that system by adding video information to the mix.

Our GeoVision security camera systems offer a comprehensive software package allowing seamless access control integration offering live video and event associated playback to be controlled from single platform.

A few main access control benefits and features include:
- Managing access and alarm events with associated video under one platform makes historical data/ video evidence search easy.
- Suitable for small installation sites where few doors need live video monitoring to raise security level.
- With GV-Megapixel camera, each event's associated high resolution snapshot makes exam image details possible while searching back.
- When a card is swiped at the reader, or when an alarm detector is triggered, the PTZ camera can be configured to turn to the monitoring region of reader or alarm detector.
- Real-time door status monitoring, support 16-screen multi live view.

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