Security Cameras With License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition
Surveillance Systems With License Plate Detection

A license plate recognition system is an effective and easy to maintain solution to improve parking lot security for employees and the public. When used in connection with an access management system your facility can grant, or deny, access based upon the license plate number the cameras record, Additionally license plate information can be stored in an Excel or Access database to track, stay times, maximum number of vehicles allowed, etc. For more information about how to use a license plate recognition system to increase your parking lot management control contact Camera Security Now today!

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This 1080p camera from Dahua offers superb license plate recognition technology. With a recognition range between 26ft and 98ft this camera recognizes license plates of vehicles travelling at speeds of up to 49mph and can capture and recognize license plates from a single lane of traffic. This robust camera coupled with a good NVR can offer complete traffic management and parking solutions.
license plate camera, license plate reader camera


This 2MP resolution license plate camera from Geovision is the ideal camera for harsh conditions. Able to capture plates of vehicles in up to 2 lanes travelling at 75mph from up to 65ft away during both day and night. Along with an IP-67 rating this camera is able to withstand extreme weather and still provide clear pictures of vehicles and their respective license plates.
license plate camera, license plate reader camera


Speciffically designed with the purpose of capturing pictures of license plates this Axis Communications camera is ideal for road and urban security. Capable of capturing plate images from up to 328ft away during the day or night, if equipped with IR features, and able to handle vehicle speeds of up to 81mph this camera can catch any car that passes by. Unique to this camera is its ability to integrate with third-party software so that it can do more than just capture license plates but, for example, can also send an alert if a certain license plate is spotted.

Frequently Asked Questions For License Plate Recognition Cameras

How does license recognition work?

Cameras with a license plate recognition feature are able to recognize plates by recording and sending the plates of vehicles back to a database. This database is typically stored in a server or computer that the cameras are connected to and this database of license plates can be used to do a variety of things, from allowing or denying entry, to triggering alarms, these cameras can do amazing things thanks to their ability to slow down the video they record and identify license plates.

Do these cameras have other features?

Yes, not only can these cameras identify license plates but they can use that information to perform a variety of other tasks. These can include allowing specific vehicles entry into restricted areas, triggering alrams when a vehicle with a specified license plate is spotted, and view the plates of multiple cars travelling at high speeds in many different lanes of traffic.

Do these cameras still perform as a normal camera?

Of course, while these cameras are specially designed with a license plate recognition software they still record and perform like a typically security camera. However, to use them as a normal security camera is a complete waste of their potential they still perform similarly and have many of the same features. Some of these shared features include weatherproof hosuing and infrared night-vision.

License Plate Reader Cameras Available

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