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Network Video Recorders

Network Video Recorders (NVR)

Storage requirements vary greatly across businesses, and improvements to storage technology in recent years has created a wide range of options for storing your video footage. Store up to 160TB of Ultra 265/H.265/H.264 video footage with the Uniview Pro NVR.

PTZ Security Cameras

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

A PTZ Camera gives your business the power to monitor your area in the exact way you see fit. Monitoring a large area from a single point? A PTZ Camera lets you survey different parts of a space from different angles and zoom in on certain things to get a closer look. The GeoVision line of PTZ cameras offer up to 2MP/1080P video at 60FPS, with a 220° tilt angle to include more background information.

Centralized Management

Centralized Management

Centralized Management with Camera Security Now means that if you have systems installed at different locations, they will be viewable from the same app. Cameras from one of your sites can be viewed side-by-side with cameras from another. Cycle through all of your cameras at all of your locations efficiently. Don't worry about the hassle of remembering several different logins to view your cameras with the Uniview EZ Video Management Software, Axis Device Manager, or GeoVision Central Monitoring Station System software packages. As always, Camera Security Now offers free remote viewing (an internet connection is required for remote live viewing).

Infrared Security Cameras

Infrared Security Cameras

Cameras using only visible light technology are blind at night, which is probably when you need cameras the most! Even with motion detection lighting, your cameras can miss important activity outside of illuminated areas or during the few seconds where the camera has not adjusted to the sudden change in light conditions. The Axis line of IR Security Cameras features a long-range OptimizedIR which enables the camera's IR LEDs to automatically adjust to the camera zoom, so the entire field of view is always evenly illuminated.

Featured Brands

Axis Cameras

Axis Communications

From revolutionary Lightfinder cameras that can see color even at night to fully integrated access control options, Axis security camera systems continue to raise the bar for what’s possible.

GeoVision Surveillance Equipment


GeoVision is an industry leader in professional quality PC-based video surveillance. GeoVision NVRs are Windows based, and the GeoVision software can run on a standard desktop computer or rack-mounted server. The built-in GeoVision video analytics software provides the features that make GeoVision state of the art.

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Camera Security Now is your one-stop solution for professional security camera sales and installation anywhere in Indiana. With several different types of cameras available, ranging from single-lens cameras of 2-5 megapixels, to multi-lens cameras of up to 40 megapixels, Camera Security Now offers the right equipment for your situation — whether you need a license plate camera, an object tracking camera, or a PTZ Camera, our techs have the experience to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Security Camera Sales and Service Across Indiana

Statewide Service

Camera Security Now boasts a state-wide network of professional Camera techs and installers, ready to take on any job. Whether you are a private business, a school a university, or even an event venue, our techs will come to you and help with security system planning and installation.

Professional Installation

Professional Installation

No matter what kind of cameras your business or institution needs, our trained technicians have years of experience in installing all types of systems and have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. Our techs come to you and ensure your system is installed and configured to meet all of your specifications.

No Contracts

No Contracts

Why pay a monthly or yearly fee to view your live video or store your own video recordings? With our no contract pricing, your footage is yours to keep, and your cameras are yours to watch live anytime with no additional costs! (An internet connection is required for remote live viewing)

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