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Security Camera Systems With Centralized Management

Centralized Management
Surveillance Systems With Centralized Management

Centralized management allows more efficient control of large and distributed surveillance systems. Using our security camera systems central management tools allows multiple video recording devices or cameras, at multiple locations, to be controlled and monitored from a single interface. This enhances your management and viewing experience, including drag-and-drop system and camera selection, device grouping, alarms, and notifications.

Our GeoVision Central Monitoring Station program provides an overall central monitoring solution for critical surveillance areas in commercial, industrial and large business installation. Imagine how a central security facility can utilize GeoVision Central Monitoring Station solution to manage its heavy task of video monitoring and surveillance in a casino for example. Numerous GV Surveillance Systems may be connected with hundreds of thousands of cameras and integrated with IR sensors, motion sensors, fire detectors, alarms, and point of sale systems.

GV-VMS is a comprehensive video management system that records up to 64 channels of GeoVision and/or third-party IP devices. The live view and playback layout can be easily adjusted with the intuitive drag-and-drop function. GV-VMS comes with a variety of intelligent video analytics to offer precise monitoring and to reduce the need for manual supervision. The built-in Webcam Server allows users to remotely access live view and recordings from anywhere using Web browsers, mobile app and Remote ViewLog.

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