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Secure Your Facility in All Lighting Conditions

Infrared technology is now standard on nearly all new cameras offered by Camera Security Now. Cameras using only visible light technology are blind at night, which is probably when you need cameras the most! Even with motion detection lighting, your cameras can miss important activity outside of illuminated areas or during the few seconds where the camera has not adjusted to the sudden change in light conditions.

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How It Works

Most cameras work by detecting visible light, the light that humans can see. And just as you can't see well when the lights are out, neither can visible light cameras. Luckily for you, all of our new cameras come equipped with infrared lighting. The way it works is each camera has several infrared LED lights, these are just like regular LEDs, but shine infrared light that is not visible to the human eye. Our cameras can see the infrared light and convert the image detected into visible light so you can see it. The result is an image that looks like a light bulb or high powered flash light was turned on, but in gray-scale rather than color.

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Stop Crime at Night

Have problems with vandals or thieves coming by in the middle of the night? The mere presence of cameras and signs notifying them that they are being recorded often is enough to scare them away. If not, our infrared technology will give you great pictures and videos of what they are doing on your property. And with remote access, also standard on all our new systems, you can be watching in real time to call the police and stop them once and for all.

Don't Forget About Safety

Low lighting conditions can often contribute to accidents or other safety incidents. If your old cameras lack infrared technology, or if it quit working years ago, you may have a hard time determining who you are watching and if they are following the proper safety protocol. Some low lighting conditions are necessary for certain operations, like movie theaters or some manufacturing processes, and in many cases, the low light areas are the most important areas to watch. Don't get left in the dark, add some cameras with infrared technology in all low lighting areas.

Next Level Thermal Imaging

Infrared technology is great and comes standard on our cameras with no additional charge, but it has its limitations. The technology is still similar to visible light technology, in that the camera picks up reflected light, in this case from its own infrared LEDs. In most conditions, that is good enough, but some situations like when large areas need to be monitored in low or changing light conditions, you need to upgrade to thermal imaging.

All objects radiate light very faintly, most of this light is much longer wavelength than infrared or visible cameras can detect. Thermal cameras come with extremely precise sensors that can detect this very faint light, even from great distances. Thermal cameras are capable of detecting human-sized objects at hundreds of yards or more, much greater distances than infrared LEDs are capable of illuminating. Thermal cameras are also ideal for changing light conditions, as no adjustment is needed even when lighting levels change very dramatically.


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We understand that there are a lot of options to choose from, from a basic infrared-equipped camera, to a full blown thermal imaging system, and PTZs and license plate readers and everything in between. Don't be overwhelmed, we are here to help you select the best choice for your company's budget and unique needs. Before we get started with our first-class service and installation, we would love to come visit your facility and provide out best recommendations for your new security system. Our number one goal is create happy customers by selecting and installing a system that best fits their needs, and that starts with understanding them. So please don't hesitate to fill out our quote request form or give us a call today, we are looking forward to helping you secure your operation!
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