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Courthouse Security Cameras
Surveillance Systems For Government Properties

Security is a daily concern in courthouses and court rooms nationwide.

The smooth operation of everyday court proceedings depends on keeping disruptions to a minimum. When serious disruptions do happen, such as fights, stabbings, or even shootings, a high definition surveillance system can help identify those individuals involved and bring them to justice.

One new and excellent choice for a courthouse security system is the FishEye camera. Low profile, and unobtrusive, so as not to alter the appearance of a court house facility, this one camera can see in 360 degrees and allows live time panning and zooming within the live images by onsite court staff.

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Many courthouses are utilizing security cameras in many different fashions. There are cameras in the courtrooms themselves, offering protection and surveillance to everyone inside. There are also cameras at security checkpoints and entrances to ensure that anyone and everyone entering the courthouse is on camera. Finally, courthouses are also utilizing cameras on the outsides of the buildings to make absolutely sure that all areas of the courthouse are covered.

Incorporating things like DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras, and HD cameras, security camera systems for courthouses are some of the most popular installations for! The video footage is available to all computers on the network and video files can be easily duplicated by anyone on the network as well. You can even view camera feeds and footage on your smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile device. Courthouses need the same security measures as all other government buildings and a security camera system from is your best option!

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