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Bellbrook, Ohio is a small city southeast of Dayton that has a population count of around 7,500. Bellbrook is safer than 85% of U.S. cities, but that does not mean a total lack of crime in the area's shops, churches, storage facilities, or parks, etc. It certainly does not mean that Bellbrook business owners lack the need to remotely view their businesses through their computers or mobile devices. That's why here at Camera Security Now, with our office located less than 30 miles away, we have the security camera equipment and the professional installation you need to protect and self-monitor your business or home.

With the highest resolution security camera systems on the market and digital video recorders that contain the latest hardware and software, such as H.265 compression allowing for longer video retention, Camera Security Now continues to offer the most affordable alternative to the traditional security and alarm company with their long term contracts requiring a monthly fee. Since our security camera systems typically carry a three-year manufacturers hardware warranty and are primarily used for management control, safety, and loss prevention by our client’s management team, there is no need for a monthly monitoring or maintenance fee of any kind! Over the life of a security camera system not having to pay a monthly fee can save thousands of dollars.

Surveillance Systems With Remote Access For Bellbrook, Ohio

For Bellbrook business owners of all types, our security camera systems offer a variety of features such as remote access to live video from the cameras with no monthly fees. Remote live viewing can help give a plant manager or a business owner peace of mind when they are out of town or the size of the property makes it a challenge to be everywhere they need to be to keep an eye on operations. Other useful features of our professional grade security camera systems for Bellbrook businesses include optional access control for doors or gates. Our camera systems also offer advanced analytics such as people counting, missing object detection, unattended object detection, and the ability to connect to various I/O devices to sounds lights or sirens when certain video triggers are received, motion tracking with Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, and more. Features all of which can be invaluable to making the correct management decisions about safety and operations of your Bellbrook business. Fill out the quote below or give us a call today to learn more about how we can help make your Bellbrook business or home more secure and protected from crime.

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Our IP security camera systems help federal, state, and municipal government agencies in Ohio and monitor their vital infrastructure as well as remote locations. From city parks, police interrogation rooms, libraries, etc, we offer government agencies the most cost effective and advanced IP surveillance systems available today.

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Video surveillance is the perfect tool for Ohio business owners and managers to better manage their business. Security cameras installed in your business can provide critical video resources to monitor employee and customer theft, false workers compensation claims, inventory control etc.

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Security camera systems in schools are now critical to help protect the most valuable and cherished among us, our children. State of the art IP surveillance systems can be quickly deployed to protect Ohio educational facilities ranging from smaller day cares or elementary schools, to large high school and college campuses.

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Professional grade video surveillance in residential environments is now possible with easy to install high resolution IP cameras at affordable prices never before imagined. Homeowners in Ohio looking for a serious security camera solution can count on our turnkey service for the complete sales, installation, and service experience.

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Over 30 Years Of Experience in Bellbrook, Ohio

Camera Security Now has a network of technicians who can service the Bellbrook area and we value customer service above all else. We can provide an estimate for hardware after a brief consultation over the phone or email. For an installation estimate, we require a site visit. We happily include this for customers local to Bellbrook! Many business owners choose to install their own systems, and we can provide any technical support necessary to get your system up and running to your satisfaction.

Our technicians are capable of handling your security system installation from start to finish if you need help with the setup, and after the installation is completed our equipment and installation are backed up with a warranty and our premium customer support.

Security Cameras for Businesses

Security camera systems enable owners to surveil and protect their businesses and can be a benefit in every industry. Whatever kind of business you have, and whatever it is that you need to keep an eye on, our security consultants can get you the right camera security system for your business security needs! We can offer professional security camera installation for businesses in all industries, nationwide.

We provide security cameras and video surveillance equipment to many different industries. Some of these industries include: