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Police Department Surveillance
Surveillance Systems For Government Properties

Security camera systems have since their inception been a natural fit for Police Departments. From general parking lot and common area surveillance to more specific needs such as security cameras for Police interrogation rooms, property rooms, and even detention grade cameras for cells. Let Camera Security Now show your department how easy it is to install or upgrade to a state of the art, high definition, remotely accessible surveillance system with options available for years worth of video retention. Call us today to learn more about the police departments we currently support nationwide,

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Police Department


- Video evidence to support proper police evidence handling
- Video and audio recordings in police interrogation room and common areas
- Surveillance of police vehicle lot to monitor security and proper handling of squad cars
- Unattended Object Detection to alert officers of any suspicious packages in public area
- Video evidence to support proper procedures in booking rooms
- Access control integration with surveillance system
- Central monitoring software for advanced control of large surveillance systems

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Our corporate office is located in Middletown, Ohio between Dayton and Cincinnati. Camera Security Now offers a network of technicians across the United States and have proudly installed and serviced security cameras for police departments in all 50 states.

All of our security camera installations are backed with the same customer satisfaction guarantee that we extend to local clients, regardless of the size or location of your police department. With service represenatives at the ready to answer any question or handle any problem, we put the customer first, evey time.

For a police department security camera estimate, we require a site visit, which typically requires a fee. However, we offer free onsite estimates for police departments local to us in the following areas: