Security Cameras for Offices

Keep an Eye on Your Business While You're Away

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of security cameras, of course, is security, crime prevention, and investigation. However, for many managers, the real value of a security camera system is the ability to see your business while you're away. Regional managers who are responsible for several offices know they can't be everywhere at once, and what they don't see can really hurt them. Employees coming in late or leaving early, taking long breaks, goofing off or violating other office policies, can have a significant impact on employee productivity, which ultimately hurts the bottom line.

We can offer you the peace of mind that you can see what goes on at all of your offices, all the time. Live video feed and video playback can be viewed remotely, with no recurring monthly fees. When you trust Camera Security Now for all your office surveillance needs, you save yourself the hassle of finding an installation company for each of your locations, and eliminate the risk that each installer uses a different system that must be managed from a different video management application. We will install the same cameras at each location, allowing you to view them all from one single platform.

Having a complete office security system, from access control to video monitoring, is vital to your business. Security systems help prevent incidents and investigate them when they occur, reducing the potential liability to your business. Video monitoring by on-site security greatly improves response times, helping keep your employees safe.
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Featured Products from Geovision

Axis 15MP Multidirectional Camera

With the benefits of four cameras, this camera from Axis allows you to easily cover four different areas with a single unit. With a remote zoom and focus, flexible positioning of four varifocal camera heads, and 360° IR illumination, you'll be able to capture more than you thought possible.

Axis Communications multidirectional cameras starting under $2,000

Uniview Network Video Recorder

After more than 6 months of dedicated analysis, development, and tests, the Uniview NVR308-E provides a simple and intuitive user operation experience. The incredible NVR308-E is able to store video recordings in 4K quality from a range of 16 to 64 different security cameras. Another key feature is the NVR's storage capacity of up to 80 Terabytes thanks to it's 8 high quality hard drives.

Uniview NVRs selling for $1,300 and up

Geovision Camera Reader Controller

With a 2MP camera built in, this keycard reader is used for access control. With just the push of a button, the connected app on your phone will alert you of someone needing access. This allows entry to an area remotely, reducing the need for on-site staff.

Geovision keycard readers priced at under $200

Free Remote Lifetime System Health Check

To help keep our clients safe and protected, all security camera systems sold by Camera Security Now come with a free, remote, monthly system health checkup for the lifespan of the camera system (restrictions may apply). Our goal is to help make sure your office cameras will be online when you need them the most. With our Free System Health Check, a qualified technician will:

  • Perform an NVR hard drive health check
  • Ensure cameras are recording per their schedule
  • Ensure that the correct time and date stamp is set

  • Verify camera lenses are focused and adjusted properly
  • Verify cameras are aligned and have not been knocked off their proper view
  • Verify any pan, tilt, and zoom functions are working correctly

A thorough report outlining any problems detected will be provided to our clients at no cost.
Issues can be resolved by our clients or by a qualified technician from CameraSecurityNow (standard labor rates will apply).

Ask your sales representative about our Pro System Health Check Plans for even more protection.

Business Security

Office Building Security Solutions

Access Control - Preventing unauthorized access is the best way to protect your business from malicious actors. GeoVision access control gives you the ability to restrict access to certain rooms in your facility, or to all entrances to the building. Access can be granted using a keyfob, card, or even your employees thumbprints. Access control can be integrated with your security cameras to get a picture of all successful and failed attempts at entry.

Video Surveillance - Visible security cameras act as a crime deterrent. A potential criminal is likely to change their mind when they realize they are on video. Which is why office building managers like to have their cameras visible and plainly out in the open and used to monitor community spaces, such as kitchens, conference rooms, entrances & exits. For those dumb enough to still go through with their plan, video footage can still help. On-site security actively monitoring video footage can rapidly respond to theft and other crime. Our cameras can even be seen from off-site, so an office manager watching an incident unfold can alert security or the police from the safety of their home. Finally, if the perpetrator is not caught in the act, video footage can be reviewed during the investigation.

Help Manage the Office - Aside from security incidents, security cameras can see and hear all kinds of things that an office manager may be interested in. Employees fighting, browsing social media or inappropriate websites during business hours, talking on personal cell phones, violating safety protocols, these can all be seen in full color. Knowing that they are on camera will reduce this bad behavior, and video footage can be presented in disciplinary proceedings.

Nationwide Installation - Have multiple offices across the US? No problem! Not only can we install and service your office security cameras nationwide, but we also use the same trusted brands, allowing you to manage all of your locations from one single application. We have installations as far south as Miami, Florida, and as far north as Barrow, Alaska, and have a network of trusted technicians who can help secure your business.

Corporate Office


Our installation team has a lot of experience with large camera installations, in the past we have installed up to 128 cameras in facilities as large as half a million square feet. Don't trust just any installer to tackle your corporate home office, surveillance of large sites is no easy task! If you've got a sprawling office campus with multiple buildings on several acres, your camera system is going to require a complex network of switches, cabling, wireless devices, and a video recording server in your server room. We will disign your surveillance system to meet your needs and budget, no matter how big or small.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Office Security Systems

Lifespan Of Wireless Camera
How long do wireless security cameras last?

When discussing professional-grade security cameras from manufacturers like Univew, GeoVsion, etc, you will learn that any camera is turned into a wireless camera by adding an external wireless transmitter. This is the most common approach for non-consumer-grade wireless security cameras as it leaves you free to choose booth the best camera and an external wireless transmitter/receiver kit that's most appropriate for the distances involved. Given that approach to implementing a wireless security camera, there is no reason to believe that the lifespan of the camera will be any different if it were wireless or not. Pro Tip - Always ask about the manufacturer's warranty for all products involved, including the camera and the external wireless components.

How To Remotely View Cameras
How do I view my cameras remotely?

You can use your computer, laptop, cell phone, or other mobile device to remotely view your camera system and access any individual camera within your office. Internet access is required where the security cameras are installed and you will need internet access wherever you are when you wish to remotely view your office security cameras.

How Long Can Video Footage Be Stored
How many days of recorded video will I be able to store?

The number of days worth of video any security camera system can store depends on several factors. The key factors in this question are how much storage space do you have, how many cameras are recording in your office and for how long, and at what resolution and at what frame rate are they recording at? Obviously the more storage space your DVR or NVR has available the more video you will be able to retain. Standard systems now have anywhere from 4TB to 28TB of storage as standard. A common 1 Megapixel IP camera using H.264 compression, recording at 1208x1024 resolution and 15 frames per second will use approx 1.5GB Per Hour. In that scenario a 10 camera system recording 24 hours a day you could expect to use approximately 10 days of video on a 4TB system, or 20 days of video on an 8TB system, or 30 days on a 12TB system. etc. Be sure to tell your consultant how much video you would like to retain when discussing your system requirements.

Useful Tips For Security Cameras In The Office

How To Get Funds Approved For A Security Camera System

If you're looking to get a new security system one of the biggest barriers you might face is funding. Getting funds approved is a very important first step into getting your new security system. So when you go to get your funds approved you want to be ready to get those funds on the first try. For some helpful tips on how to get funds approved for your security system, click here to read more!

4K Cameras For Your Security Needs

In the search to provide better security? Look no further than the latest 4K security cameras! With an extremely high resolution and a wide monitoring area 4K security cameras provide the clearest picture of any area they are placed in. So if you're looking for cameras for your security system read more to find out the benfits of having a 4K camera security system.

Tips For Your Next Security Consulation

The decision to install a video security system is a big step for for any business. However, a solid security cosulation can help answer any questions or concerns you might have and give you a much better idea of the solutions you need to address your security concerns. Read more for useful tips for your next security consulation.

Nationwide Office Security Services Available

Our corporate office is located in Middletown, Ohio between Dayton and Cincinnati. Camera Security Now offers a network of technicians across the United States and have performed countless security camera installations and servicings for office buildings in all 50 states.

All of our security camera installations are backed with the same customer satisfaction guarantee that we extend to local clients, regardless of the size, number, or locations of your offices. With service represenatives at the ready to answer any question or handle any problem, we put the customer first, evey time.

For an office security camera estimate, we require a site visit, which typically requires a fee. We offer free onsite estimates for customers local to us in the following areas: