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Camera Security Now offers the top-quality security camera systems with free itemized proposals, no monthly fees, and a full local staff of experienced security installation experts ready to help anywhere in the city of Dayton and the surrounding areas of Montgomery and Green County.

The city of Dayton, Ohio, also known as the "Gem City” and the “Birthplace of Aviation”, is only about 20 miles north of our home office. In fact, the Great Miami river that runs through Dayton also runs right through our hometown. The Miami Valley (the land area surrounding the Great Miami River in southwest Ohio) is lined with countless manufacturing firms, from auto and steel, to paper and sand & gravel. All of whom make excellent use of security camera systems for safety and management control in their various plants.

Dayton Ohio Security Camera Installation

For Dayton business owners of all types, our security camera systems offer a variety of features such as remote access to live video from the cameras with no monthly fees. Remote live viewing can help give a plant manager or a business owner peace of mind when they are out of town or the size of the property makes it a challenge to be everywhere they need to be to keep an eye on operations. Other useful features of our professional grade security camera systems that we install for Dayton businesses include optional access control for doors or gates which can improve your physical security while also giving you remote control and remote access to live data about the status of your access control points. Our camera systems also offer advanced analytics such as people counting, missing object detection, and the ability to connect to various I/O devices to sounds lights or sirens when certain video triggers are received. All of which can be invaluable to making real time management decisions about safety and operations.

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Security Cameras, Access Control & Installation in Ohio


Our IP security camera systems help federal, state, and municipal government agencies in Ohio and monitor their vital infrastructure as well as remote locations. From city parks, police interrogation rooms, libraries, etc, we offer government agencies the most cost effective and advanced IP surveillance systems available today.

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Video surveillance is the perfect tool for Ohio business owners and managers to better manage their business. Security cameras installed in your business can provide critical video resources to monitor employee and customer theft, false workers compensation claims, inventory control etc.

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Security camera systems in schools are now critical to help protect the most valuable and cherished among us, our children. State of the art IP surveillance systems can be quickly deployed to protect Ohio educational facilities ranging from smaller day cares or elementary schools, to large high school and college campuses.

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Professional grade video surveillance in residential environments is now possible with easy to install high resolution IP cameras at affordable prices never before imagined. Homeowners in Ohio looking for a serious security camera solution can count on our turnkey service for the complete sales, installation, and service experience.

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Top Tier Service

Over 30 Years Of Experience in Dayton, Ohio

Camera Security Now has a network of technicians who can service the Dayton, Ohio area and we value customer service above all else. We can provide an estimate for hardware after a brief consultation over the phone or email. For an installation estimate, we require a site visit, which typically requires a fee. This fee is waived for customers local to Southwestern Ohio! Many business owners choose to install their own systems, and we can provide any technical support necessary to get your system up and running to your satisfaction.

Our technicians are capable of handling your security system installation from start to finish if you need help with the setup, and after the installation is completed our equipment and installation are backed up with a warranty and our premium customer support.

Customer Testimonials

"I was very happy with the service, information and pricing Randy gave me. I made an order and had my cameras within 5 days. After receiving the cameras, I was able to call Randy for help and questions I had when we installed. The quality and picture of the cameras is great, just like Randy said it would be. I highly recommend Randy Lewis and Camera Security Now for all your security and camera needs."

Charina D. ~ Dayton, Ohio

"I highly recommend Camera Security Now and Randy Lewis. Camera Security Now recently completed work at our funeral home. I found Randy’s entire team to be very professional, courteous, and especially helpful. When I needed to add a camera to the system that was quoted, Randy and his team were very accommodating and reasonable. It was a pleasure doing business with Camera Security Now."

Jeffrey B. ~ Dayton, Ohio

"We have been doing business with Camera Security now for almost 5 years. Camera Security now has installed several Camera security DVR systems for us in several of our locations locally and in Phoenix, AZ. Randy’s team also has done several network cabling projects as well as installed network IDF cabinets. Camera Security now is our preference for video security, networking, and helping us with various projects. I would highly recommend them."

John O. ~ Dayton, Ohio

"Our county was building a new sheriff's office and jail and we were in need of a low-cost, but high quality surveillance system for both interior and exterior monitoring. We also had specific needs, such as the ability to record audio and the ability to conveniently burn recordings of interviews. Randy was very knowledgeable and helpful in assisting me with choosing the right cameras. He went out of his way to work with me on the pricing and payment options. Randy was always easy to get in touch with by email to telephone and was always quick to help me with any technical question I had."

William H. ~ Dayton, Ohio

Security Cameras for Dayton Businesses

Need a security camera system for your business in Dayton? We can help provide camera systems to keep local businesses in Dayton safe. Whatever you need to keep an eye on, our experienced security consultants can get the perfect camera security system for all your security needs! Camerasecuritynow also offers professional camera installation from start to finish for businesses in all industries in Ohio.

Here is a quick list of a few of the many Dayton industries we provide camera and video equipment for. Some of these industries included are: